The Card

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Jack and Hot Dog are sitting in Whale’s dining room. They are eating biscuits and hanging out. Whale, meanwhile, is watching television inside his living room.

Jack: I made something for you for Valentine’s Day!
Hot Dog: Really?
Jack: Yeah!

Jack hands Hot Dog a red-colored card. On top of the card, Jack has written: ‘For my Valentine, Hot Dog’ using golden ink and also drawn a sketch of two dogs fighting over a pizza. Inside the card, Jack has taped a picture of Hot Dog and him sitting on a park bench; underneath the picture, Jack has written (using silver ink):

‘You will always be my friend. I want to always share with you what I do every day. There is nothing in this world that can drive us apart. Nothing at all. Happy Valentine’s Day!’

Hot Dog: Oh my God!
Jack: You like?
Hot Dog: I love! I didn’t make anything for you but I will!
Jack: Oh! Alright! I look forward to receiving it!
Hot Dog: Alright! Um, I think I will make a…card for you too. But my card will have a funny picture of us.
Jack: You have a funny picture of us?
Hot Dog: I do! Whale took that picture. In it, you are wearing a pink dress and I am wearing a green dress and we are drinking mango juice.