Heylo ! I’m Osmi Anannya, a Politics and Current Affairs Blogger at The European Politics Blog (a blog on BlogActiv) & Politics In Britain (a blog on Ideas on Europe), training at Google Ignite, a Contributor to Reviews and a member of the Welcome Squad at The Student Room.

Two of my longstanding loves has been fashion & design: I love everything about it, like brilliant #blogging, intelligent & informative #essays and crafting #amazing concepts/moodboards, in the two subjects. I also love pinning endless intellectual pursuits/inspirations, which captures my curiosity, when not pouring over historic tales, such as those from Charles Dickens, oriental stories & anything to do with Christmas, Santa Claus, Rudolph & the Nutcracker.

The Red/Black Locomotive is the Editor’s blog on popular culture & books. It is a comprehensive edition of THSFD, BritBook & PopularGB. It is all of that + more. There are always more stories to cover & more to know about Great Britain. The blog is where you get the lowdown on what the Editor #Brit loves & thinks is cool! The blog is more fashion, more history, more design, more book reviews, more political commentary & a whole lot of Whale!

Among the many wonderful charitable organisations that exist in the world, I regularly support Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Grammy Foundation, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Dubai Cares & The Emirates Airline Foundation; I recently took action to speak out for #SaveBelize as a WWF supporter.

I like to read, blog, paint, drawcolour & doodlelisten to music, listen to the radio, watch theater and the cinema, comment, go walking very long distances with my music and my camera, cook, build models with Play-Doh, spend time in museums and libraries, play sports, particularly darts, basketball, Pictureka!, badminton and squash and occasionally go riding !

I ♥ Great Britain, fish & chips, chocos, oranges, the Labour Party, my iPad mini, my Sony Xperia M, and my iPod.


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