I’m Osmi Anannya. I’m a blogger. I live for blogging but when I am not blogging about all that I find interesting, from movies to books, I love to indulge in my hobbies and spend my time playing with my pets.

This is my blog; it’s a blog on popular culture. In the blog, I write about my personal picks in fashion and interior design, politics, entertainment, history, architecture, culture, food, travel and relationships; I also review books, films, music albums and write biographies of celebrities and fiction.

I love Christmas and reading literature books, especially books by Charles Dickens. I absolutely love the monsoon because of the amazing rain, but without a doubt, my favorite season is winter. My favorite thing to do every day is pilates; I really enjoy it.

My astrological sign is Aquarius. I really love that my Chinese astrology sign is the tiger because it’s one of my most favorite animals in the whole world. My hobbies = I like to read, paint, draw, colour & doodle, remark/commentlisten to music, volunteer, listen to the radio, watch television (a lot!), go to the cinema, go walking very long distances, take photographs, cook, spend time in museums and libraries and play PC games.

I ♥ Great Britain, fish & chips, chocos, oranges, my iPad mini, my Sony Xperia M and my iPod.


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