Heylo! I’m Osmi Anannya. The Red/Black Locomotive is a blog on popular culture & books. It is a comprehensive edition of THSFD, BritBook & PopularGB. It is all of that + more. There are always more stories to cover & more to know about Great Britain. The blog is where you get the lowdown on what the Editor #Brit loves & thinks is cool! The blog is more fashion, more history, more design, more book reviews, more political commentary & a whole lot of Whale!

Two of my longstanding loves has been fashion & design: I love everything about it, like brilliant #blogging, intelligent & informative #essays and crafting #amazing concepts/moodboards, in the two subjects. I also love pinning endless intellectual pursuits/inspirations, which captures my curiosity, when not pouring over historic tales, such as those from Charles Dickens, oriental stories & anything to do with Christmas, Santa Claus, Rudolph & the Nutcracker.

Among the many wonderful charitable organisations that exist in the world, I regularly support Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Grammy Foundation, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Dubai Cares & The Emirates Airline Foundation; I recently took action to speak out for #SaveBelize as a WWF supporter.

I like to read, blog, paint, draw, colour & doodlelisten to music, listen to the radio, watch television (a lot!), go to the theater and the cinema, go walking very long distances with my music and my camera, cook, spend time in museums and libraries, play PC Games, card games like Uno and occasionally play sports of the equestrian variety, along with basketball, badminton and squash! I absolutely love the monsoon because of the amazing rain, but without a doubt, my favourite season is winter. My favourite thing to do everyday is pilates; I really enjoy it.

I ♥ Great Britain, fish & chips, chocos, oranges, the Labour Party, my iPad mini, my Sony Xperia M, and my iPod.


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