Evening Dresses

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The best evening dresses to get

This season, the color red features among the best evening dresses to buy from the market. When you wear one, wear it with a pair of heels (choose: Jimmy Choo Sereno 100 Silver Galactica Glitter Fabric Sandals with Jewelled Buckle) and carry a clutch (choose: Santi Sequined Clutch – ‘Silver’).

Rasario Asymmetrical Draped Satin Midi Dress at Moda Operandi
This red dress is part of Rasario’s Resort 2020 collection: it has an asymmetric neckline and a nice draped style at the front of the dress – wear the dress (with a black mask) to a masquerade party.

Rasario Strapless Silk Gown at Moda Operandi
This red gown is also part of Rasario’s Resort 2020 collection: it is strapless and has a nice red belt (with contrasting silver buttons); the gown is simple but striking – wear it to a ball.

Stine Goya Farrow Satin Mini Dress at Moda Operandi
This jade green dress is part of Stine Goya’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection: it has buttons at the front, a belt at the waist and very nice blouson sleeves; the dress also has a ruffled hemline – wear the dress on a romantic date (with your boyfriend).

Alexandre Vauthier Ruched Silk-Blend Satin Mini Dress at Moda Operandi
This burgundy dress is made from satin and it has a plunging (plus gathered), a gathered asymmetric skirt and a sash belt; the dress also has beautiful puffy sleeves – wear the dress to a cocktail gathering.


The Minimalist Office Table

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How to decorate a minimalist office table

This summer, get a minimalist table for your home office and decorate it artfully with a sculpture, a few colorful jars and strongly-colored bookends.

House of Finn Juhl Nyhavn Table & Tray Unit at Nest
This desk was designed by Finn Juhl – a Danish architect plus industrial designer who had studied architecture and furnished the United Nations building (in New York). The table borrows its name from Juhl’s very first studio in the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen. The desk is minimalist in design with its dark tabletop and slim black plus brown legs; the desk also has a very nice removable drawer cabinet: the drawer cabinet features colors such as bright yellow and orange and is encased inside a wooden box.

Fornasetti Serratura Bookends (Red) at Amara
These bookends feature a black and white sketch of Lina Cavalieri looking through a red keyhole; Cavalieri was a late 18th century Italian opera singer who was famously regarded as a beautiful woman and she was Piero Fornasetti’s dearest inspiration – house your favorite books to refer to (on the desk) with these bookends.

Pols Potten Caps & Jars at Amara
This set includes three jars in colors such as green; each jar also comes with a different colored cap – use the jars to store stationery items such as pencils, erasers and sharpeners on the office table.

John Lewis & Partners Stacking Animal Menagerie Sculpture (Antique Bronze) at John Lewis
This bronze sculpture depicts an animal menagerie; it features four different types of animals: a giraffe, a zebra, a monkey and an elephant – beautify the table so with it, if you love animals.

Maxi Dresses

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The best maxi dresses to get

This season, the best maxi dresses either feature prints or includes the color black. When you wear one, wear it with a pair of pumps (choose: Christian Louboutin Cosmo Window Pump – ‘Black’) and carry a mini bag (choose: Oscar de la Renta mini Tro bag).

Solace London Lavinia ruffled crepe and pleated cady maxi dress at Net-a-Porter
This maxi dress has a halterneck, a cady skirt and it features two colors: black and white; it also has black-colored ruffles at the front – wear the dress to dine out at a restaurant.

Olivia von Halle Aureta floral-print silk-satin midi dress at Net-a-Porter
This yellow maxi dress has a bias-cut, puffed up sleeves and a slim plus long keyhole back; also, the dress features red plus light pink flowers and green leaves – wear the dress to an adoption baby shower.

Zimmermann Verity floral-print linen maxi dress at Net-a-Porter
This white maxi dress has a plunging neckline, buttons at the front and a neck tie; the dress also carries a print of blue flowers and teal leaves – wear the dress to an elegant barbecue party.

Alessandra Rich Crystal-embellished silk maxi dress at Matches Fashion
This black maxi dress features crystals on the sleeves, at the front of the dress and upon the high neck; the dress also carries two sparkling brooches on one side (of the neck) – wear the dress to a dinner party.

No One is Too Small to Make a Difference

No One is Too Small to Make a Difference is a book which compels you to do something constructive regarding climate change. The book is a collection of eleven speeches made by Greta Thurnberg. Thurnberg is a sixteen-year-old Swedish school student. She began protesting at the age of fifteen. Greta would hold a white-colored placard for weeks outside the parliament in her country; on the placard it was written in black ink ‘Skolstrejk för klimatet’. Greta later went on to deliver speeches in many places: the World Economic Forum, the European Parliament and so on.

Thurnberg’s deeds also created a movement (around the world) for action on climate change. I think there is an urgency in Greta’s mission because she comes across as a fervent teenager, especially in a speech she made to the Houses of Parliament (in London) this year; the speech points out that the mission is not about people taking pictures of protesters and that it is a mission to get adults to act in unity (over the environment). Furthermore, the book can also inspire people from all walks of life to protest on matters which are important to them.

Our Castle by the Sea

Our Castle by the Sea blends a very complicated history into a fictional narrative which is suitable for children. The plot of the book revolves around a twelve-year-old girl called Petra (also known as Pet) who resides inside a lighthouse during the Second World War; the lighthouse is situated on the English border. Petra is an overlooked little girl and she gets scared of flying enemy planes.

Whilst growing up, Petra’s world would orbit around storms and tales of sea monsters. But after war strikes England and some of her civilian neighbors catch her German mother – Petra calls her ‘mutti’ – and send her to an internment camp, the young girl’s relaxed way of life gets disrupted. There are some very interesting subplots in the novel as well, for example: a visit to Dunkirk plus logbooks and charts (belonging to Petra’s father) that get snatched by the police. In my outlook, the book’s plus point is that its historical background lies in a very old war that had impacted the globe; what also makes the book very interesting is that it tackles subjects such as discrimination and change in the context of war.

The Plotters

The Plotters paints a dangerous picture of South Korea. In the book, the protagonist is an orphan-turned-gunman called Renseng. He was brought up by Old Raccoon in a colossal and abandoned library in South Korea’s capital city, Seoul. The library is a normal library to all, except those who have information about it. And those who do have information about it, know that it is a center for organized crime and a place where contract killings are machinated.

Renseng is a top gunman; he has a steely character. His job is to take orders from plotters. Plotters are like puppets who formulates methods when a request arrives and their center functions like this: there is a plotter on top of one plotter who instructs them and it continues like that all the way up; at the top, lies a vacant chair. The book excellently portrays just how heartlessly a gunman can murder and in doing so, in my outlook, it slightly glorifies the profession; that glorification, however, is equalized with the mention of the types of people which were victimized by Renseng (for example: a former general), who you cannot help but feel sorry for.

The Warlow Experiment

The Warlow Experiment wraps science in an entertaining narrative. In the book, Herbert Powyss – a landholder living in the Welsh Marshes, who undertakes the chic cultivation of plants, aims to attain distinction in science; he also wants to unveil this distinction to the Royal Society (in London). As a result, Powyss develops an experiment on isolation which only a manual worker called John Warlow is inclined to participate in.

The experiment involves Warlow living in the basement of Powyss’ manor house. The basement has a bed, a bathtub, a chamber organ, as well as paintings and books. Warlow will be provided the same food which Powyss eats, with the aid of a dumbwaiter, and as the participant of this experiment, Warlow has to maintain a diary of his daily musings plus deeds. The book was inspired by a man from Lancashire who had put out an advertisement in 1797 which had stated that £50 would be presented (for a lifetime) to a man inclined to live below ground level; the advertisement also stated he would have to allow his fingernails plus beard to get bigger during the time but he would be provided with books and he would also be living in a pleasant environment.

The best part of the book is the experiment because the experiment does not have a very scientific nature; in my outlook, it makes the experiment more interesting and also supplies the book with the scope to appeal to a wide-range of readers and not just those who are scientifically inclined. Furthermore, the fact that the story is based on a real story, makes you have hope that experiments of this type does not necessarily have to be alien concepts in the real world.