Prints Rule!

Prints Rule!



Casuals: Deluxe Buys

Casuals: Deluxe Buys


Neighbors: The Slacker

Neighbors: The Slacker


Gucci mens shoes
$685 –

Tom Ford mens camo wallet
$305 –

Kenzo men s key ring
$48 –

Thomas Sabo sterling silver jewelry
$110 –

Remembering College Days…

Remembering College Days...


The Hottest Men Of 2017

The most beautiful heartthrobs ever

What exactly is a hot guy? In my book, a hot guy is a man who looks good, is well-groomed, has a great personality and has the ability to climb the professional ladder, all the way to the top. This year, many men in the world proved that being something like that might be a lot of hard work but it’s still perfectly possible to accomplish it and yet there are some heartthrobs who were simply planets apart with it. These heartthrobs are cardboard-cutouts because of those reasons exactly: they demonstrate that being good looking doesn’t come easy.

10. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars loves his accessories – imagining him looking good without it is definitely not a possibility.

9. Charlie Puth

Charlie (Puth) looks like an atypical young American boy, except that he’s got good looks to boast – really cool!

8. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal poster
Jake Gyllenhaal is totally all about his slicked-back hair, his tanned complexion, and his natural good looks shining through.

7. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise can amazingly alternate between looking good casually and looking good in a smart avatar, so effortlessly. Talk about versatility!

6. Shawn Mendes
Shawn Mendes thinks working out is therapeutic but his crazy hair is probably what wins the game for the young Canadian music artist looks-wise – it perfectly compliments Shawn’s penchant to always sing his heart out with the greatest of pop songs.

5. Jordan Barrett

Jordan BarrettJordan is all about his good looks, from his chiseled face to his purely manly perspective on looking hot.

4. Chris Pine

Chris Pine
Chris Pine is totally the ultimate pin-up material: blue eyes, a chiseled face and luscious brown locks.

3. Lucky Blue Smith

Lucky Blue SmithLucky Blue Smith is seriously tall, loves animals and has blue eyes. Enough said.

2. Eddie Redmayne

#mancrushmonday obsessed with Eddie Redmayne ❤Eddie Redmayne looks like a gentleman, at all times and does a really fabulous job of it. His gentlemanly outlook in hotness is something to thank his English roots for because it’s such a unique thing – like a really good unique thing.

1. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is a dreamboat. And he’s masculine too. That’s a tough combination to work but Gosling does it brilliantly every single time.

The Ridiculous Heat…

The Ridiculous Heat...


Casual Kicks

Casual Kicks