Jack And The Marigolds

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Jack Sr. arrives home, takes his shoes off and places them next to a stack of four azure-colored storage boxes. He then goes to the kitchen, takes a burgundy-colored bowl of leftover pudding out from the fridge and screams for Jack. 

Jack (screams back from the living room): I am watching TV! What do you need me for?

Jack Sr. (comes to the living room): Your teacher rang my office today. The phone conversation was extremely…

Jack (interrupts): Was the conversation about how I am doing in school? Because I am doing great. It really is the truth. You better…

Jack Sr. (interrupts): You are? I am glad to hear that. But I do not want to talk to you about that. I want to talk to you about something else.

Jack: And what was that you wanted to talk to me about?

Jack Sr.: Your teacher wants you to play for your school’s football team. For the last few weeks, your coach watched you play when he was training your seniors at lacrosse. Then yesterday, he decided you will be a good addition to the team.

Jack (gapes): I can play for ‘The Marigolds’? They have won more than one hundred cups.

Jack Sr. (eats the pudding): I read that in the prospectus your school mailed me this year.

Jack: Well, um, I better go share the important news with Hot Dog! I know she will be happy when she learns I will be playing for our school’s football team…she is, after all, my friend!


The Test Results

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Fiona Ward has handed out the results of a Literature test to her ‘Year 1’ students. A few of her students give her apples to show their gratitude in receiving good marks (in the test); most of them, however, are having a very bad day, because of their scores.

Moo: How much did you score?
Hot Dog: I scored 99. You?
Moo: Congratulations! I, uh, only scored 41. My father is going to kill me when he finds out!
Jack: Don’t tell him. I scored 49 and I don’t plan on telling my father about it.
Hot Dog: But…won’t both of your fathers find out later?
Jack: How? Just tell me how will Jack Sr. find out later?
Hot Dog: Won’t he come to talk to your teachers during the parent-teacher conference? They might inform him then you had failed your test.
Jack: Oh! I had forgotten about that conference thing.
Hot Dog: By the way, did you tell Jack Sr. about your performances in the other tests this year?
Jack: No. I have been hiding them all.
Moo (laughs): Well, I definitely don’t feel like telling my father about my result. I think I will just tell him the teacher is a liar on the day of the conference.
Jack: And will he believe you?
Moo: He should. He should believe me. He is, after all, my father! Only the worst fathers in this giant world believe the teacher instead of their own baby!

The Suspicion

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Whale and Mr. Brown are eating a corn-colored packet of mini strawberry cakes in Whale’s garden. Occasionally, some of their neighbors wave at them when they come out of their houses.

Mr. Brown: For a very long time I have suspected Ashley exaggerates about the money she makes every year from her catering business.

Whale (excited): I also feel she does that. There can’t be more than a handful of parties every year in her neighborhood.

Mr. Brown: Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Whale: No! I am my mother’s only child. Have you always gotten along with Ashley?

Mr. Brown: No! I used to hate her when I was a child.

Whale: Why?

Mr. Brown: I never liked the type of person she was. She was so different from me, and when I was growing up, I had never known anybody like this person who used to live in the same house as I used to.

Whale: You never met anybody like your sister in the school you used to go to?

Mr. Brown: No. But I had met many children who were very different from me. I remember this boy – he used to sit next to me during geography lessons – would take a red coloring pencil and highlight every single paragraph in his book.

The Story Of How Ashley Became A Caterer

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Whale is sitting in his garden with Mr. Brown. They are digging into an oversized brown packet of parmesan-flavored chips and chatting.

Mr. Brown: I had told Ashley a few years back to stop partying all the time and find a job as a cook. But she told me then she did not want to. You know, our parents were extremely mad at her because of that; they had felt she was not behaving like a grownup.

Whale: Oh dear! Was Ashley upset with your parents for that?

Mr. Brown: She was upset with them for a very long time because of their behavior. She had told me their behavior was convincing her she should never work.

Whale: How did Ashley become a caterer?

Mr. Brown: Ashley had made many friends in Surrey when she had moved there to study a culinary course which, by the way, she almost did not pass because of her incessant partying. One night, she got the idea to cook for some of her friends at the parties they would throw for their kids; they were her neighbors as well. She started like that and then…

Whale (interrupts): She opened her own business for them?

Mr. Brown: Yes! After she opened her catering business, she started serving party food to those people at first. Then after many years, her business started doing so great, most people in her neighborhood began requesting her to supply food at their parties.

Mr. Brown Tells Whale About Ashley

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Whale is sitting in his garden and reading a book. Suddenly, he notices Mr. Brown pass by; he is carrying two big plum-colored grocery bags which are packed with food.

Whale: Good afternoon Mr. Brown! How come you are carrying two extremely big grocery bags? Are you going to host a dinner party soon?

Mr. Brown: Good afternoon Whale! No, I am not hosting any dinner party! My sister is over for a visit! So I have to buy more food than usual!

Whale: You have a guest staying with you?

Mr. Brown: Yes! It hasn’t been too long since she came over.

Whale: Did she have to travel a very long distance to get here? What does your sister do?

Mr. Brown: Uh, no, not really! My sister is a caterer in Surrey. She has always loved to cook. When I was a teenager, she used to often tell me that she wanted to do three things as a grown-up: get married to a very handsome man, have seven babies and earn a living by only cooking for good people.

Whale: What kind of food does she supply as a caterer?

Mr. Brown: She mostly supplies different types of food which would be suitable for parties, like sandwiches, fried quail eggs, slices of roast duck meat and sausage rolls!

The Science Assignment

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Jack, Fat Pig and Moo are going door to door and asking people for items which can be recycled for their science assignment. They are carrying the items in a brown box. Later in the week, they have to hand in the box plus a report outlining what they have learned from the assignment to their science teacher.

Jack: Are you sure Auntie Ashley will help you get back in Mr. Brown’s favor once again? She is an adult after all.
Fat Pig: I’m sure!
Moo: I can’t believe we have collected only old newspapers and used oil bottles so far.
Jack: I know! Don’t people in this neighborhood drink?
Moo: Fat Pig, you sure we are not in some neighborhood we are not supposed to be in?
Fat Pig: I’m sure we are in the right neighborhood! We are just not having the greatest of luck, that’s all!

Moo knocks on the front door of a house. A young man carrying a screaming baby opens the door.

Jack: Good afternoon! We are collecting things to recycle. Do you have any old beer cans or bottles we can take from you?
Young man: How many beer cans do you need?
Jack: How many do you have?
Young man: I would say somewhere around twenty.
Fat Pig (gasp): Looks like we hit the jackpot!

Holly and Hot Dog

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Hot Dog is making a dress for a doll. Her friend – Holly, is sitting next to her and making the doll’s shoes, hat and bag. It is a fashion assignment they were both given in school which needs to be complete within three days.

Hot Dog: I want the dress to glitter. It will look splendid if it does.
Holly: Mm!…I have a crush on Fat Pig!
Hot Dog (gasp): You do?
Holly: Yeah! I write about him every day in my diary!
Hot Dog: He doesn’t know you have a crush on him, right?
Holly: Right! But I want to tell him I do next week and I need your help with it!
Hot Dog: Really? What can I do to help?
Holly: Yeah, really! I want you to ask him what he thinks about me.
Hot Dog:…But he has not spoken to you even once since you transferred to our school. Won’t he think I am crazy if I ask him what he thinks about you?
Holly: No he won’t! I’ve have seen him look at me sometimes and the only other female I’ve ever seen him look at is you whenever the two of you hang out in school! So I’m sure he likes me but I think for some reason he can’t tell me he does! So if you just ask him what he thinks about me, I’m sure he will tell you he thinks I am great and pretty and then it will be really easy for me to tell him next week that I have a very big crush on him.