Whale Meets Yellow and Green

Whale is busy at home today. He has been cooking and cleaning around the house. He goes back to work properly on Friday, so until then he must make sure his cottage home is nice and cozy enough.
Whale:Hot Dog! Don’t watch television so early on a weekday! Come and sit at the breakfast table!
Hot Dog: (switches off broken television) What’s for breakfast today?
Whale:Omelettes and ham sandwiches.
Hot Dog:Oh! (pours milk into his mug) I have some homework to finish today before I head to school on Friday!!!
Whale:Are you playing nice with Jack Jr. II honey? I haven’t seen him around in days! Made any other friends in school? Oh I have so much work too! Thousands of books to proofread!
Hot Dog:Jack is still wrapping up HW. I met a funny-looking sheepdog, yeah that Jack is really jealous of btw because he has a super shiny coat and doesn’t ride the schoolbus with us. Jack is a chubby sheep…dog.
Whale:What? His Dad always drives him to school?
Hot Dog:Yeah! He wears four pairs of Lacoste sneakers and an Armani jersey jacket to school!
Whale:…You don’t say?…What colour?
Hot Dog:Yellow and Green everywhere, Dad! Yellow and Green everywhere!

Whale Talks Fishing

Whale is spending time with his boss today, after being back at work. They are talking about a lot of different things and catching up!
Whale: Would you like some wasabi peas, Ms. Bart?
Bart: Huh? No, I am good! Cheers! Do you like wasabi peas??
Whale: Yes, it’s my favourite snack in the whole world. Do you have a favourite snack yet?
Bart: I love crisps – I can’t get enough of them. Off-late I am a little bit addicted to seaweed though.
Whale: You have seaweed as a snack? Isn’t that like greens?
Bart: Yeah, it is but it’s fried and tastes like fried fish!
Whale:…I am sorry for the delay in getting back to work but you will not believe how ill some chicken soup had made me.
Bart: That’s alright! Are you feeling better now? I have to say I am not feeling that amazing myself. I just got off a bad case of flu too and my mouth has lost all taste, when it comes to food!
Whale: Oh noooooooo! I hate it when that happens. It’s like getting a burnt tongue, whilst drinking coffee, without trying! I am doing better, though still feel really cold all the time. Do you think it has something to do with the monsoon season?
Bart: Maybe! Everything is getting colder by the minute! Looks like we will be having a cold Christmas this year!
Whale: I hate when you wake up on Christmas mornings and find that not one of your presents this year has been worthwhile. Last year, I spent Christmas alone with a good book and I found that all I ever got as presents were water flasks, chocolates and chunky jumpers in mustard, pink and tourmaline.
Bart: Yuck! Last Christmas was good for me. I spent the whole day with my best mate from school. We made each other’s presents and then did our Christmas roasts. I have no idea how this year’s Christmas is gonna go though – it looks like it will be a proper busy Christmas household with presents, hanging out and roasts.
Whale: I know what it’ll be like at my household. I wanted to go fishing with my Dad this holidays, so I think after spending collecting yet more water flasks, I’ll be off to that adventure.
Bart: You want to go fishing in winter? Is that on Boxing Day you are going?
Whale: Yup! I want to show my Dad I too can catch a mackerel, and then gut it and roast it by an open fire!
Bart: So, it’s going to be a camping event too, huh? It’s been ages since I have done that with my Dad. It’s hectic enough to do Christmas roasts with him, he has like a million things he provides as inputs but then expects everything to go his way.
Whale: I know!!! My Dad thinks I don’t even know you need worms to catch fish, can’t gut and clean them before roasting on an open fire and forget about catching a mackerel!
Bart: Aren’t Dads supposed to bond with their kids over episodes like this?
Whale: That’s what I thought so too but looks like ours just like to either show off or dictate. Like Santa’s happy little helpers!
Bart: Cannot wait to get on Santa’s sleigh this year too!
Whale: The closest I’ll ever get to Santa being real is see other kids’ Dads dressing up as ones and making use of the mistletoe to the hilt! Come to think of it they sound more real than our Dads – it’s enough to make you grumble all over the Christmas!
Bart: Maybe they just like us to always agree with them on every little thing?
Whale: When will I get my codependent relationship?

Whale Is Wearing A Shawl Today

It has been a longtime since Whale has been to the office. After one of his many little meetings with Margot, he unexpectedly fell ill with a really bad flu so had to call in sick for days. Still feeling under-the-weather, and gloomy about how Margot’s homemade chicken soup at the park has made him this badly ill Whale has stumbled back onto Penguin Press, wearing a cashmere shawl.

His first task today is to meet his boss: Bart, but she has gone for her coffee break! While he is waiting for her to come back to the office for him to say “Hello!” to, Whale chances upon a piece of sketch that Bart has been working on for one of the many technology publications she has to work on as the Editor.

Whale is simultaneously hooked and teary-eyed at how much F.U.N. he has been missing out on, all because of THAT super-spicy chicken soup! Whale really wants to go back in time and not eat that homecooked chicken soup he just had to and also say:

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Must have chicken soup at Hyde Park, with Margot baby!!”

Whale Gets Sneaky

Whale is still busy catching up with Margot. After overhearing gossip from a friend from school that Margot has gone out on a date with a young guy called Tim, jealousy strikes Whale. So, he goes to her home and decides to eavesdrop on what is happening after one of their many dates that could soon spark off something “wonderful”.

Whale Talks About Amanda

Whale has met up with Margot after a very long time. He was out shopping at Tesco, when his food trolley collided with hers. Before you know it, Whale cannot help but be drawn to her, once more.
Whale: ……….Margot! I haven’t seen you in over a month! How have you been all this time?
Margot: (smiles) I have been great! You seem to have put on so much weight?
Whale: Huh? Oh it’s nothing! I just ate too much of apple pie, last night at Amanda’s!
Margot: Who’s Amanda?
Whale: This girl I’m seeing, since we broke up!
Margot: You have been seeing someone, since we broke up?
Whale: Yes, she’s a lovely girl! I met her through a friend and we instantly felt a spark!
Margot: Well, I haven’t…met anyone yet!
Whale: No way! You have been single all this time?……How?
Margot: I just…couldn’t find the right man to date, since our relationship fell apart.
Whale: I can’t believe it! And with that hot bod?
Margot: (blushes) Oh run along, now! What will Amanda say when she finds out you are complimenting your ex?
Whale: She will think nothing of it! I am simply complimenting a girl I have had such a past with!
Margot: We did have a great past, that we did!
Whale: Margot, baby!!! Don’t go! Do you want to meet up after we have finished shopping? Maybe we can have dinner tonight! Just as friends!
Margot: Sure….why not?
Meanwhile, at the other end of the town Amanda is having a very thoughtful discussion, with someone she has admired for a long time now.
Amanda: I can’t believe, I finally got a chance to meet you! And so unexpectedly at the bookshop!
Bart: Oh that’s alright! I don’t believe we have met? Who are you?
Amanda: I am this…a waitress at a….restaurant. I have been a big fan of your work, for many years now.
Bart: You are a big fan of my copyediting?
Amanda: Yes! Whenever I see a book come off the Penguin label, I instantly know I will like it.
Bart: Oh! That’s……amazing! So, you work as a waitress?
Whale and Margot are now busy having coffee at a local Starbucks. The two are feeling feelings that are new to neither, for each other.
Margot: So, how long have you been seeing this girl Amanda, again?
Whale: Oh my God! You actually remembered her name? You are so wonderful!