Being A Geek

Being A Geek


Whale’s Tribute To Homer’s Writings: A Peculiar Episode

Whale is dreaming so many dreams today. In his dreams, he is remembering the tapes he has made because of his secret love for videocams. Here’s a look through a couple of the tapes…


Why if it’s not Whale and his thoughts on soap?

Whale: Everyday I have…soap worries!


Today is a breezy day.

Hot Dog and Jack are hanging out.

Hot Dog: Are you sure there is a better way to make films on books?

Jack: Yeahhhhhhhh……..I think there is….you should…………….why if it’s not Margot IV?


Whale and Bart are gossiping about spotting a famous face amidst all the random people that lurk around flea markets in Bath.

Whale: Oh look!….He is here with a pocket watch!

Bart: Are you sure it is him?

Whale: …I think it is because he knows England!