Mr. Brown Tells Whale About Ashley

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Whale is sitting in his garden and reading a book. Suddenly, he notices Mr. Brown pass by; he is carrying two big plum-colored grocery bags which are packed with food.

Whale: Good afternoon Mr. Brown! How come you are carrying two extremely big grocery bags? Are you going to host a dinner party soon?

Mr. Brown: Good afternoon Whale! No, I am not hosting any dinner party! My sister is over for a visit! So I have to buy more food than usual!

Whale: You have a guest staying with you?

Mr. Brown: Yes! It hasn’t been too long since she came over.

Whale: Did she have to travel a very long distance to get here? What does your sister do?

Mr. Brown: Uh, no, not really! My sister is a caterer in Surrey. She has always loved to cook. When I was a teenager, she used to often tell me that she wanted to do three things as a grown-up: get married to a very handsome man, have seven babies and earn a living by only cooking for good people.

Whale: What kind of food does she supply as a caterer?

Mr. Brown: She mostly supplies different types of food which would be suitable for parties, like sandwiches, fried quail eggs, slices of roast duck meat and sausage rolls!


The Science Assignment

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Jack, Fat Pig and Moo are going door to door and asking people for items which can be recycled for their science assignment. They are carrying the items in a brown box. Later in the week, they have to hand in the box plus a report outlining what they have learned from the assignment to their science teacher.

Jack: Are you sure Auntie Ashley will help you get back in Mr. Brown’s favor once again? She is an adult after all.
Fat Pig: I’m sure!
Moo: I can’t believe we have collected only old newspapers and used oil bottles so far.
Jack: I know! Don’t people in this neighborhood drink?
Moo: Fat Pig, you sure we are not in some neighborhood we are not supposed to be in?
Fat Pig: I’m sure we are in the right neighborhood! We are just not having the greatest of luck, that’s all!

Moo knocks on the front door of a house. A young man carrying a screaming baby opens the door.

Jack: Good afternoon! We are collecting things to recycle. Do you have any old beer cans or bottles we can take from you?
Young man: How many beer cans do you need?
Jack: How many do you have?
Young man: I would say somewhere around twenty.
Fat Pig (gasp): Looks like we hit the jackpot!

Holly and Hot Dog

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Hot Dog is making a dress for a doll. Her friend – Holly, is sitting next to her and making the doll’s shoes, hat and bag. It is a fashion assignment they were both given in school which needs to be complete within three days.

Hot Dog: I want the dress to glitter. It will look splendid if it does.
Holly: Mm!…I have a crush on Fat Pig!
Hot Dog (gasp): You do?
Holly: Yeah! I write about him every day in my diary!
Hot Dog: He doesn’t know you have a crush on him, right?
Holly: Right! But I want to tell him I do next week and I need your help with it!
Hot Dog: Really? What can I do to help?
Holly: Yeah, really! I want you to ask him what he thinks about me.
Hot Dog:…But he has not spoken to you even once since you transferred to our school. Won’t he think I am crazy if I ask him what he thinks about you?
Holly: No he won’t! I’ve have seen him look at me sometimes and the only other female I’ve ever seen him look at is you whenever the two of you hang out in school! So I’m sure he likes me but I think for some reason he can’t tell me he does! So if you just ask him what he thinks about me, I’m sure he will tell you he thinks I am great and pretty and then it will be really easy for me to tell him next week that I have a very big crush on him.

Fat Pig Tells Auntie Ashley About Desperado

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Auntie Ashley is sitting on Fat Pig’s bed. It has an amber-colored bed sheet on top of it; also, on top of the bed sheet, there is a mustard pillow and a big cadet blue wool blanket.

Auntie Ashley: Can I use your wardrobe to keep my clothes?
Fat Pig: Yes! I have actually already made some room in it so that you can! You can also use my desk and chair whenever you want to.
Auntie Ashley: Thank you! But I am sure I will never need to because I do not like to read.
Fat Pig: You are an odd woman Auntie Ashley!
Auntie Ashley: Why? Do you like to read?
Fat Pig: Yes I do! I like to read comics.
Auntie Ashley: You mean those extremely thin books on superheroes?
Fat Pig: Yes I mean those! I own many old copies of those.
Auntie Ashley: That is fantastic!
Fat Pig:…Um, my favorite superhero is Desperado. I think he is the best superhero in the entire world.
Auntie Ashley: What does he do? Does he always save people from danger?
Fat Pig: Uh, no! Desperado actually steals people’s money. He used to be a kind and gentle farmer in Oklahoma. But when he saw the United States fall from grace because of Spain, he vowed to become a mugger to make his country the greatest in the world.

The Nearest Hotel

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Blau is sitting (with Snowball on her lap) next to a window in the second class compartment of the train. The compartment mostly has dusty purple seats and many of them are unoccupied. A plastic bag filled with sliced potato bread lies next to Blau on an empty seat.

Two hours later…

Blau and Snowball get off the train and onto a platform; they look around for an information counter to inquire about hotels. The railway station in Moscow is huge: it has icy blue walls and a rooftop made entirely of glass. After looking for ten minutes, Blau and Snowball find an information counter; it has wooden walls and there is only one man standing behind the counter wearing a name tag that states ‘Luis’.

Blau: Hello! Your name is Luis?
Luis: Yes I am Luis. How may I help you?
Blau: I need to find a hotel to stay in.
Luis: Oh! What kind of hotel would you like to stay in?
Blau: I am not sure. I want to stay some place good nearby.
Luis: Then you must stay at Markov Hotel. It’s a very big hotel but they always have plenty of rooms available during this time of the year! You can just walk there; it will take you about fifteen minutes to reach the hotel.
Blau: Thank you!

Platform No. 3

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Blau takes a look at her ticket. On it, it is printed ‘Platform No. 3. Moscow. Second Class. 6:07pm.’ She looks around the station with Snowball to find the platform for around ten minutes and learns that she must go up a flight of stairs to reach it. After reaching Platform No. 3, Blau sits down on a wooden bench; next to the bench, there is a black-colored rack of papers. Snowball, meanwhile, sits down next to her feet.

Twenty minutes later…

Blau gets very bored. So she looks through the papers; the papers are all in the Russian language.

Snowball: Blau, what will we do if we get hungry?
Blau: I saw a small bread shop on the ground floor; we can buy something from there.

Blau picks a newspaper which has printed a large illustration of a king and his family (standing next to a window) on the front page. She opens the paper and finds four more illustrations of a queen walking inside a farm, a princess clutching a rag doll plus riding a rocking horse, a king giving a speech to a big crowd of poor people and a little boy drinking a glass of milk at a ball.

Blau: Is this newspaper an ally of Russian royalty?
Snowball: Maybe! I don’t know much about Russian newspapers.
Blau: It seems as if the paper is! It has printed such great illustrations of royalty in different shades of red!

At the Railway Station

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There is heavy snow as far as eyes can see; occasionally, very big trees dot the landscape. Blau, Snowball and the old man are walking through the snow to get to the railway station. After walking for over thirty minutes, the three of them reach it.

The railway station is small and very old; paint is peeling off the walls and the smell of soap lingers in the air. The old man buys a second-class ticket for Blau from a ticket seller for a train to Moscow.

Blau: Do you have a phone number so that we can stay in touch?

Old man: Yes I do!

Blau: Ask for a pen and piece of paper from the ticket seller so that you can write it down for me.

Old man: Can I please borrow your pen and a piece of paper? I need to write down my phone number for her.

Ticket seller: Uh, sure!

The old man hastily writes down his phone number and address on the paper and hands it to Blau.

Blau: Thank you!

Old man: Where are you going to stay in Moscow?

Blau: I am going to stay at some good hotel. I will just ask at the train station in Moscow how to get myself to one.

Old man: Oh! So goodbye then!

Blau: Goodbye!