The Funky ’70s

The Funky '70s




Capsule Review

The interviews of Richard Nixon in the ’70s by David Frost, one of England’s foremost journalists, revealed a side of the American President to the public that was urgently required – Nixon’s involvement in the offensive Watergate episode was interrogated in the harshest manner conceivable by a failed man, and this was at a time, when Nixon was attempting to recover from a period spent doused inside a jet of criticism himself. In the play, the tone of misery in the two people’s lives is unmissable, but a lot less so, for Frost who is simply a lot better at lying about his own reality than a President shockingly out to defend his reputation in the public eye, after Watergate. Even though the interviews hold no answerability, what the play wonderfully does is emphasize the importance of conducting a series of interrogations such as this, in a public manner; it really manages to underline the need to continually press leaders, in the public eye, for a greater revelation about themselves and their (political) doings.

International Women’s Day: Purple Power

International Women's Day: Purple Power


Red Carpet Queens: Oscars Throwback

Red Carpet Queens: Oscars Throwback


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3 Great Televised Throwbacks To History

There is nothing quite like a television show, which provides an excellent window to the past: rich and filled with wonder, the tapestry of stories in the episodes that makeup each of the following shows remind us all that, in the modern age, it isn’t hard to feel connected to bygone eras.

The Frankestein Chronicles

The period crime drama is a very loose adaptation of the early 19th Century novel by Mary Shelley: Frankenstein, which tells the story of a scientist called Victor Frankenstein, who actually makes something of mix between a human being and a creature in a scientific experiment. The British show has a similarly eerie background: a river police officer called Inspector John Marlott finds a dead body formed from the body parts of eight children and upon the discovery, Marlott attempts to locate the person responsible for this distorted crime.

Alias Grace

Alias Grace is an adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s 1996 novel of the same name, which is a fictional portrait of the mid-19th Century murders of Thomas Kinnear and Nancy Montgomery – his housekeeper, in Canada, by two of Kinnear’s servants. One of the two people accused of the murders, Grace Marks, is eventually set free after only spending thirty years in prison because of the crime and it is Grace’s own yarn, which provides that much-needed window into the narrative surrounding the murder – Grace was an immigrant in Canada, who had shockingly experienced regular sexual assaults, as well as abuse.

Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife is an adaptation of Jennifer Worth’s memoirs – Worth had worked at a convent of a nursing order established in the mid-19th Century. The BBC drama follows the lives of midwives from the late fifties to the early sixties. The show is based in the East End (in London) and what I found fascinating about the story, despite it’s staunch feminine angle in health – it’s a show about women workers in health, who specialize in pregnancy and childbirth, is that it is a health drama with a difference; it mixes history with portraits of health from that era, providing a fascinating look into both worlds.

Magic Slippers: Fancy Flats

Magic Slippers: Fancy Flats


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A Library By The Beach

The reading room: chocolate-colored interiors.

The Bohai Sea in China is also home to the Seashore Library, which is situated in the nation’s Nandaihe beach and is a feat of modern design, The library is the perfect embodiment of what exactly is an ideal reading space, not least for it’s perfect beachside location. The library boasts a reading space, a bar, a resting spot and other facilities, which do more than its fair share of complimenting the ocean and everything it has to offer, from noisy waves to changing skies. The reading room, for one, actually offers a panoramic view of the ocean also from an elevated point and the choice of wood for both the bookshelves and the seating space comes in a pleasant chocolate-shade; the atmospheric feeling (of the library) is certainly one of pure serenity and absolute beauty.