Whale Talks About Amanda

Whale has met up with Margot after a very long time. He was out shopping at Tesco, when his food trolley collided with hers. Before you know it, Whale cannot help but be drawn to her, once more.
Whale: ……….Margot! I haven’t seen you in over a month! How have you been all this time?
Margot: (smiles) I have been great! You seem to have put on so much weight?
Whale: Huh? Oh it’s nothing! I just ate too much of apple pie, last night at Amanda’s!
Margot: Who’s Amanda?
Whale: This girl I’m seeing, since we broke up!
Margot: You have been seeing someone, since we broke up?
Whale: Yes, she’s a lovely girl! I met her through a friend and we instantly felt a spark!
Margot: Well, I haven’t…met anyone yet!
Whale: No way! You have been single all this time?……How?
Margot: I just…couldn’t find the right man to date, since our relationship fell apart.
Whale: I can’t believe it! And with that hot bod?
Margot: (blushes) Oh run along, now! What will Amanda say when she finds out you are complimenting your ex?
Whale: She will think nothing of it! I am simply complimenting a girl I have had such a past with!
Margot: We did have a great past, that we did!
Whale: Margot, baby!!! Don’t go! Do you want to meet up after we have finished shopping? Maybe we can have dinner tonight! Just as friends!
Margot: Sure….why not?
Meanwhile, at the other end of the town Amanda is having a very thoughtful discussion, with someone she has admired for a long time now.
Amanda: I can’t believe, I finally got a chance to meet you! And so unexpectedly at the bookshop!
Bart: Oh that’s alright! I don’t believe we have met? Who are you?
Amanda: I am this…a waitress at a….restaurant. I have been a big fan of your work, for many years now.
Bart: You are a big fan of my copyediting?
Amanda: Yes! Whenever I see a book come off the Penguin label, I instantly know I will like it.
Bart: Oh! That’s……amazing! So, you work as a waitress?
Whale and Margot are now busy having coffee at a local Starbucks. The two are feeling feelings that are new to neither, for each other.
Margot: So, how long have you been seeing this girl Amanda, again?
Whale: Oh my God! You actually remembered her name? You are so wonderful!


Whale & Bart…Gossip

Whale is sitting at the balcony on the second floor of the office, hungrily reading a tabloid. Bart notices this while running to-and-fro, from her office for emergency stationary, and stops for a second to chat.
Bart: What you reading?
Whale:…Huh? Oh Hi Miss Bart!..Oh nothing! Just Hollywood gossip!
Bart: Anything interesting?
Whale: Nah! Not really! I was looking at Leonardo DiCaprio’s past girlfriends and comparing them to those of Ryan Reynolds. DiCaprio went out with every actress/model/recording artist that was a hit in the ’90s.
Bart: Oh did he? He was that desperate to get laid, huh?
Whale:….Yeah! But Reynolds was something else…he got married three times already, and he’s like your age.
Bart: Oh that’s like the social protocol of Hollywood heartthrobs. They are a different species from the rest of us super-successful people, irrespective of whether or not you are a Hollywood star! They must get married young because they were unloved as kids.
Whale:……………Really? Is that why they made it? They could connect emotionally with the painful experiences of those in service-jobs?
Bart: Mmmmm! I think so yeah! I think we will be getting a round of “Put a ring on it!” from DiCaprio’s “latest squeeze” and her fans, soon!
Whale:…..Can’t wait for that wedding to appear on Hello!
Bart: Yeah, he’s just not posh enough for People.
Whale: Precisely. It’s because he’s crazy in love!
Bart: What else do you expect when your the “Baby Boy” of so many Kates?
Whale:…………….I loved it when he went out with Gisele. I never followed it but the photos seems to have captured the true essence of their young love: getting uglier by the day at the beach.
Bart: Yeah! He loves slender, athletic Brazilian bombshells!

Whale’s Antics on #TGIF

Whale has been busy working whole day today. It’s #TGIF and he cannot wait for the weekend to start so that he can kick back and relax with tea and a good book.

Whale is about to go back home, when he chances upon a scribble left by Bart on the window of the office space he shares, with his co-workers. He finds the animated illustrations fascinating.

Whale Goes Red

Whale is conversing with a coworker today, at lunch. He hasn’t spoken to John, in ages. John is the Assistant Editor, and works right below, the Editor-at-Large, Bart. Over tea, they are discussing the political climate in Great Britain.
Whale: The other day, I was seeing the Prime Minister address his rumors about quitting politics if he lost. I was so ecstatic when I thought he might be onto something, but then he snailed out of it and landed on shy murmurs.
John: Really? This climate is so frustrating at times! Can you believe the candidates they are putting out for the opposition? No one cares, at all and it is infuriating.
Whale: Oh, is that what angers you…irresponsible people in positions of power?
John: Yes! It doesn’t bother you?
Whale: It does! I can barely control my anger on some days but last night I met something that angered me more.
John: Really? What was it?
Whale: The opposition’s supporters who thought the Prime Minister would stop with the shy murmurs.
John: …..
Whale: I mean, it was like being on pins and needles. The atmosphere was so unbearable. They are learning nothing from Ms. Bart’s published books.
John: ….you expect them to change that much now that she took over Baguette Publishing?
Whale: But they love the books, the cover arts. Business is doing so well. I have actually seen some devour the flap descriptions at The Bluebells (a bookshop).
John: Aren’t you simple-minded? Society might be advancing but some people never change their colors.
Whale: You know, I do wish they would share a little bit of my red face, sometimes!