Whale’s Fancy Lunch

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Whale is on a burger and iced lemonade mission today. He is at a drive-in restaurant and he’s just ordered twenty burgers and twenty iced lemonades for the office. His boss has some very important industry friends of hers over for lunch and has sent Whale out to make the food arrangements – there is a big book fair coming up in the winter to which Bart wants to ensure a lot of her publishing house’s books are sent, for people to purchase. It’s one of the biggest book fairs on the calendar for the book industry, so Bart needs to be absolutely certain that the meeting turns out to be a good one for everyone she’s asked to come to it.

Whale, meanwhile, is sat in his car thinking how hot this summer’s been. Also, how excited he feels to have his boss entrust him with something more than just editing one book after another, on one subject after another. Whale checks his watch from time to time and sighs heavily…three minutes and still no sight of brown bags, a little bit greased at the bottom.

Whale (thinks to himself): It’s 12 o’clock already. I wonder whats taking them so long…I expected fast food delivery to be super fast but this place doesn’t really do as it advertises. What’s it’s name again? I’m sure Hot Dog would have a better memory than me over places like these.

Whale pokes his head out of the window (of his car) and notices that there is a huge sign in red and purple saying The Veg Burger Station. He takes out his notepad from his backpack and scribbles down the name of the place – if the food turns out to be good then he and Hot Dog can come here more often.

Waiter: Here you go! Twenty green chilli and ‘station’s original veg-patty’ burgers and twenty small-sized iced lemonades. Sorry for the delay! It’s been a really long queue today! But hope to see you again!
Whale (gruffs): Thank you!

Whale drives off back to his office within twenty minutes. Inside, there’s a lot of chattering going on about the book fair, and several of the office workers have got a heated debate going on over which books may or may not make it this year.

Three knocks on the second boardroom’s door…

Bart (opens the door): Yes!
Whale: Boss! I have got refreshments!
Bart: Oh! Thank you! Please come on in!…also, please put the refreshments on the table. You can then go and get yourself to eat something from the cafeteria…it’s on me! Thanks a lot for the last-minute trouble!
Whale: Oh! Thank you boss!

Ten minutes later…

Whale is sat with a crunchy salad and a buterred-bun sandwich, with melted cheese fillings. The cafeteria is oddly empty today, with only a couple of workers spotted eating their way through lunch in silence, or noisly with coworkers.

Whale (sighs and thinks to himself): Boy, has today been different at work. Since, Hot Dog has been back from her grandmother’s I haven’t had a moment to spare to myself. Dog just always keeps bouncing around the house…I think I could use today’s quiet lunch with my thoughts.

But soon enough, everything doesn’t go as planned…

Margot: Hello Whale!
Whale (looks up from his lunch):…………………………..Margot! What are you doing here?
Margot: I was just on my way to a friend’s house – she recently got married and I really wanted to meet her and her new family. I haven’t actually seen her since her wedding. Uh, so I thought I coupld spare some time and drop by and meet you, as well, along the way. It’s been some time since we got the chance to talk.
Whale: Um…we had a fight Margot and we no longer just talk after that.
Margot: But Whale…you know it’s really just one of those ups and downs of a relationship.
Whale: Um…Margot! I really think you shouldn’t be here. If my boss…if um, Bart finds out you are here in the cafeteria she is going to get really mad. And I also don’t want to see you anymore. I really, really feel like I don’t want to. Did you not understand that from our fight?
Margot: But Whale…I really miss you!
Whale: Margot…please leave me alone! I’m scared for my life now. You don’t have to visit me ‘just because…’ anymore!…
Margot (shouts): Fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just stay with your boss!!! Just do anything you feel like to do!!!

Margot then stomps out of the cafeteria, leaving Whale looking frightened, and the whole cafeteria staring at him.

Whale (looking all around): What you all looking at? Never had a crazy ex-girlfriend disturb you at lunch? I have had plenty. And to think…the woman must appear, the moment I sat down with my melted cheese bun…


Kung Fu Panda 3

Po meets Li, and it is the return of Kai

Po, the mischievous panda has a ball!

Rating: 8/10

Kung Fu Panda 3 is a lesson in the special bond a father and his son has, as well as how to fight a demonic warrior out to destroy all that the panda, Po holds dear. Produced by DreamWorks Animation and starring household names such as Jack Black, JK Simmons, Kate Hudson and Dustin Hoffman, the animated film aims to be a crowd-pleaser with its musical backgrounds, breathtaking mountainous landscapes and engaging spirit world.

In the movie, the evil bull spirit, Kai, wields deadly blades as he battles the dumpling-loving Po, under the guidance of his minuscule mentor, Master Shifu. Along the way, Po meets a temptress, too – a seductive panda, who likes to dance with ribbons.

What I loved about the film was the panda-love adding emotional gravity to all of the butt-kicking: when Po learns of his biological father, Li, he goes to enormous lengths to discover his panda-self, while still having space in his heart for the noodle-hunting goose Mr Ping, Po’s adoptive father. Li takes Po to a hidden panda village, as he begins his training to fight Kai. He learns important ideas about life as he prepares to fight the return of Kai from the spirit kingdom. The film is worth watching for its dazzling storyline and background designs dabbling in vibrant colours, that sometimes even gets mysteriously attractive when it’s about the spirit kingdom.

Whale Has A New Neighbour

The Rice Effect

Jack and Hot Dog are spending Valentine’s Day together by watching Mary Poppins. It’s a beloved classic to Hot Dog. This is the first time Jack is watching it and he is absolutely hooked onto the children’s masterpiece. In the middle of it, Whale suddenly arrives with a friend, as they are watching the movie on television.

Whale: Baby, meet Moti Pasteur! He’s our new neighbour.

Hot Dog: Hello!!! You now live in the house, the right of us?

Moti Pasteur: Yes! I am very excited to be moving from New Delhi. So, exciting to have sailed here!

Jack: Woooooooahhhhhhhhh! How come?

Moti Pasteur: I am going to work here now, that’s how come!

Whale: How interesting, isn’t it Dog?…Where is your banana-leaf loving friend?

Moti Pasteur: You mean Moja Bleu?…I think he left for the local supermarket to get some rice for our dinner tonight, a couple of hours ago!…He is so slow, that one!

Whale Chases Ice Cream Sundae

The Pom-Pom Chase To Xmas!!!

Hot Dog wants to play with her rabbits. But she can’t because they are fast asleep after catching breakfast. They’re so lazy thinks Hot Dog as she slurps strawberry ice cream made by Jim and picks up the vintage phone that’s ringing, with a purpose.
Hot Dog: Hello! OMG Jack!
Jack: Yeah, did you just see the advert for Happy Meals on Cartoon Network?
Hot Dog: I did, yeah! Like, who wants Ben 10 that badly – it’s everywhere! They never put out good toys!
Jack: I know! It’s no Superman or Batman…AGAIN!
At that precise time, Whale pages Jim an important message.
Whale: I am pretty certain I just saw a cupcake cross the road.
Jim: (pages back) What?
Whale: The school in one of the neighborhood close to ours is having a school play on and a boy just crossed the road opposite the shop as a cupcake, as I’m still driving to the shop.
Jim: What show-offs!
Whale: Mmmmmm…I think I’m gonna chase him, his father was an Ice Cream Sundae!

Hot Dog & Jim Are Being Chatty

Tis The Season To Be Jolly…

Whale has gone to a shop in the neighborhood that has been selling yards of materials, since 1908, to get some golden ribbons, with solitare hearts/aces/spades print for Hot Dog’s costumes. Whale must particularly have those designs he has imagined, from his favorite materials shop. Hot Dog is meanwhile, watching Cartoon Network as Fat Pig’s father babysits her.
Hot Dog: Where’s Pig?
Fat Pig’s Dad: At home, with his grandfather! You can call me Jim btw! Are you hungry? Would you like me to make you ice cream?
Hot Dog: Nah, I’m good! Do you make them nicely? What’s Pig’s grandfather like, Jim?
Jim: I hate him! He was rude to me as a child a lot! He always made fun of me because I wanted to be an architect.
Hot Dog: Why?
Jim: He thought I didn’t have it in me. And Pig adores him and his stories of being a pharmaceutical industrialist…I make great strawberries turn into delicious ice cream.
Hot Dog: Oh so Pig’s grandfather is a homeopathic doctor that is huge for his homeopathic inventions?
Jim: Uh-huh! He was always about his medicine box and trees, plants, roots of trees so, I was left all alone with nothing but Renaissance architecture designs to inspire me and hopes that someday I will be quite big.
Hot Dog: Did you want Pig then?
Jim: Oh no! Pig happened because of a broken condom!

Whale talks of Shrubs in School Play

Everybody say a big warm hellooo to your very own “Peppermint Patty” !!! #Peanuts

Whale is busy knitting through piles of material for Hot Dog’s costumes in the upcoming school play. He can’t make up his mind over which fabric to choose: jacquard or velvet for the princely robes, let alone the colour but he has brought up yards of separate fabrics from their house’s attic to create something entirely magical and perfect for Romeo (played by Hot Dog).

Whale: Do you know how you are going to create the silver crown?

Hot Dog: I was thinking of taking silver foil and then gluing it on top of cardboard cut-outs as the crown. But will that hold my folded hair? I have got black clips to keep them nicely folded but I wanted the crown to cover them! Can you help me out with the crown there because I don’t think I can do that by myself?

Whale: Do you want to try it now?

Hot Dog: Yeah, I’ll just go get a couple of those clips…

Fat Pig: Yo’ alright!

Whale: Oh my God! You scared the living daylights out of me! Why are you standing next to the window holding a toy dinosaur?

Fat Pig: I play one of the green shrubs in Romeo and Juliet, when Romeo professes his love for Juliet, underneath the moonlit sky, in the tower that has kept Juliet from Romeo.

Whale: How many shrubs are there?

Fat Pig: About 12! I stand the closest to the tower so I will be able to see Hot Dog in full view during that scene. I really do not think you can see anything from backstage, like the audience can!

Whale: Who is playing Juliet?

Jack: (running past the window)………………………….I need something like satin materials for my gown!!!!!!!

Fat Pig: I have no idea but I think maybe Jelly Bean will get picked. He has gone mad rehearsing!

Hot Dog:………..here they are! Hey, Pig!

Fat Pig: Howdy!

Whale: Dog, who is Jelly Bean?

Hot Dog: This nerdy boy from school who loves Classics too much!

Whale: Are you friends with him?

Hot Dog: Yeah! He sat next to me and Fat Pig during the lunchbreak yesterday, and spoke of John Keats poetry, and how much it inspires him!

Fat Pig: I thought it was the funniest thing in the world because we were talking of dodgeball!

Whale:…What goes on in this school?

Hot Dog: Just ordinary school things goes on in our school!

Fat Pig: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whale: You do Shakespeare and John Keats in school and love it every single day! How come when I was in school all we did was “The Breakfast Club” ?

Whale’s Tribute To Homer’s Writings: A Peculiar Episode


Whale is dreaming so many dreams today. In his dreams, he is remembering the tapes he has made because of his secret love for videocams. Here’s a look through a couple of the tapes…

The purity of Molton Brown London!


Why if it’s not Whale and his thoughts on soap?

Whale: Everyday I have…soap worries!

Riding A Toy Ferrari In The Lawn!


Today is a breezy day.

Hot Dog and Jack are hanging out.

Hot Dog: Are you sure there is a better way to make films on books?

Jack: Yeahhhhhhhh……..I think there is….you should…………….why if it’s not Margot IV?

A Colonial Home!


Whale and Bart are gossiping about spotting a famous face amidst all the random people that lurk around flea markets in Bath.

Whale: Oh look!….He is here with a pocket watch!

Bart: Are you sure it is him?

Whale: …I think it is because he knows England!