Hot Dog and Ginger

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Hot Dog is sitting next to a classmate called Ginger during the bus trip back to her school. Behind her, Jack is talking to Peanut about the different kinds of weather vanes he has seen in his lifetime and in front of her Holly is talking to Moo about pies.

Ginger: My favourite class in school is art class because I hate to read. Which class in school is your favourite?

Hot Dog: My favourite class is literature class because I love to read books. So do you hate school?

Ginger: I don’t hate school. I feel our school is a good place to make new friends but I wish we were allowed to wear jewelry or heels with the clothes we wear to school everyday.

Hot Dog:…well, I like that we don’t have to wear a uniform to school. I know you have to do that in many schools in England.

Ginger: Yeah, it would be the worst thing in the world if we had to wear uniforms. You know, some of our classmates think I am really stupid because I hate to to read. But I don’t care they think that about me because I can’t help the way I am.

Hot Dog: Are you friends with them?

Ginger: No. I think they are total losers! Once when I was in the cafeteria in our school, I overheard them discussing meeting up after school to solve mathematical equations for fun, not homework…honestly, only losers could think solving those things are fun!


The Portraits

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Miss Paige’s students are looking at portrait paintings hung on the wall of an art gallery. The portraits each show a different kind of person, such as a dancer, a queen and a potter.

Holly: I love this portrait of a supermodel. The woman looks so nice with green makeup on her lips. I also like the gold…

Fat Pig (interrupts): I am sorry but were you sharing something ridiculously boring with me again?

Charles, who was standing close to Fat Pig and Holly plus looking at a portrait of a baker, overhears the conversation and sniggers at Holly which makes Fat Pig very happy. Behind him, Peanut lies down on the floor and begins to write his notes.

Jack (points at a portrait): Do you like this painting of a poet? I love this painting Hot Dog. I love the poem the poet is writing too. I can make out that it is a poem about a beautiful flower.

Hot Dog: Yeah, I like it. I think my favorite portrait is the one right next to it. I like the costume the showgirl is wearing in the portrait. It is so magnificent.

Jack: How are your notes coming along?

Hot Dog: I have recorded how many paintings we have seen so far and what the paintings were of. I don’t think I will have any trouble writing my report when I get back home.

Jack: That’s brilliant! I am just hoping I will understand my notes once I go back home. My handwriting is nearly illegible because I have had to write very fast today.

The London Gallery of Portraits

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Hot Dog is standing next to a statue of a knight and a horse. The statue is situated outside an art gallery called The London Gallery of Portraits. Around her, some of her classmates are either shuffling items in their backpacks or occasionally yawning very loudly.

Miss Paige: I am going to now open the door and go inside the gallery. All of you follow me and remember to stay with the group. Do not wander off anywhere on your own. If you want to ask me anything during the trip, then you can do that, but please remember to speak in a hushed voice when you do that.

Fat Pig: Miss Paige, when can we have lunch?

Miss Paige: You cannot have lunch today until it is twelve in the afternoon.

Fat Pig (gapes): But I ate only two bowls of cereal this morning! How am I going to wait that long without food?

Holly:…I think you will be fine.

Hot Dog: I am a little worried over how long we have to stand today to look at paintings.

Peanut: Oh! That is something to worry about! You should take a break from standing after every hour by sitting down on your backpack. I know am going to lie down on the floor of the art gallery and write my notes after standing for more than thirty minutes.

Hot Dog and Peanut

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Hot Dog is clutching her backpack close to her chest and looking out the window of the school bus. She is sitting next to a bespectacled exchange student from Chile called Peanut. Behind her, Jack is gossiping very loudly with Fluffy – a female classmate and top Biology student, over the private lives of their favorite sports stars and in front of her, Holly is talking to Fat Pig about feminism.

Hot Dog: So, Peanut, how are you finding London?

Peanut: Cold and wet. It is also surprising how much adults here love to drink beer.

Hot Dog: Yeah? I bet it will be even more surprising when you know what Whale told me about beer. He told me beer tastes horrible.

Peanut (gapes): It does? Then why do people love to drink it like mad here, amigo?

Hot Dog: I have no idea why they love to do that!

Peanut: Did you bring a notepad to write notes on during the trip? I bought one…and also a red ink pen.

Hot Dog: No. I bought a tape recorder to record my notes.

Peanut: Oh! Well, we should definitely stick together during the trip, amigo. I know we are not allowed to talk loudly when we are inside the art gallery but we don’t have to do that together…we can just constantly gossip gently.

Preparations For A School Trip

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Hot Dog packs a few items in her backpack and lifts it to find out how heavy it is; she discovers that her backpack is light for a change. Whale hands Hot Dog her lunchbox and water bottle; she opens her lunchbox and finds two hamburgers and a paper napkin inside.

Whale: What kind of take notes will you take during the trip?

Hot Dog: My notes will include information on how many paintings and which paintings I saw and also the painting I liked the most during the trip. I’ll be off now. I don’t want to be late to school.

Whale: Have fun and do not forget…you must finish your lunch at the gallery even if your friends do not do it.

Thirty minutes and one school bus ride later…

Arthur (speaks loudly to the class): All of you follow me to the hallway. We will wait there for Ms. Paige. Once she comes downstairs from her office, we will board the school bus once more and go to the art gallery. Any questions?

Jack: Who made you the leader of our class? I am asking because I wanted to be the leader.

Arthur: Why, I made myself the leader. If you had bothered about your grades more often, then you could have been the leader. But since you did not, I will pretend I did not hear you actually wanted to be here in my place.

Jack (speaks angrily): Say that again!

Arthur: I don’t want to because I don’t want to be late going to the hallway.

A Tape Recorder

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Hot Dog opens the door to her house and throws her backpack on the floor. She can’t see Whale anywhere downstairs and so goes to her room upstairs. She opens the window in her room, flips through channels on her radio and feeds her pet hamsters. Suddenly, she overhears Whale ordering pizzas on the phone and so goes to Whale’s bedroom; she finds him working on his old typewriter and using Aiden – a porcupine plush toy he owns, as a paperweight for piles of paper on his desk.

Hot Dog: I am home! How are you feeling Whale?

Whale: I am feeling a little better.

Hot Dog: I ate some tasty hamburgers on the way back home with Jack. So I will eat dinner late.

Whale: I will eat late as well. I had brought home some work before I fell ill which I am trying to finish by tonight.

Hot Dog: So, um, my class will be going on a trip to an art gallery this Wednesday. Each of us will look at paintings and take notes for a report on the trip. Can I borrow your tape recorder for that? It will be easier to create a record of the trip with a tape recorder. I will just speak into it and…

Whale (interrupts): My old tape recorder is broken. But I will borrow my coworker Tim’s flashy one for you tomorrow. He owns one because he loves to sing karaokes in the shower.

Hot Dog Meets Jack At A Football Pitch

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Hot Dog packs her Chemistry book and two notepads inside her school bag. She then runs out of the classroom to meet Jack at a football pitch in another school.

Hot Dog (thinks to herself): I better not have forgotten the way to this place. It has been so long since I ran down this road.

After running for a few minutes, Hot Dog reaches the pitch. Some of Jack’s teammates (from The Marigolds) wave at her from the pitch. Hot Dog can spot Jack buying a packet hamburgers from a food stall near the pitch.

Hot Dog (speaks very loudly): Jack! Jack! We need to go back!

Jack gets startled, clutches his chest and almost drops the packet of hamburgers from his hand. He then places the packet on the ground and rubs his eyes in disbelief.

Jack: You are here already! I am coming! Let me pay…this man for the food.

Hot Dog: How was the game?

Jack (jumps up and down with the packet of food): I scored two goals all by myself!

Hot Dog: That’s brilliant! Did you win the match?

Jack: No, because the school we played against had scored three goals. I threw the football really hard on the ground when we lost. It then bounced back and hit my chin. So now my chin hurts.

Hot Dog: Do you need to see a doctor?

Jack: No. I will be fine. Lets walk back together! We can also eat some of these hamburgers I bought until we reach our homes.