Carrie & A Teenage Novel

Carrie & her telekinesis power

When Prom Becomes A Tragedy

Carrie is one of my most favourite films from the seventies. Based on a singular book by Stephen King, of the same name, the story revolves around a prom tragedy. Carrie, the protagonist, is a seemingly timid working class girl, with a deranged and occasionally even abusive, mother. She goes to a good school filled with many supportive teachers but because Carrie’s a social misfit, she is constantly teased (or bullied) by practically all of her classmates. One day this bullying goes out of control and her classmates get severely punished by the educational establishment, as a result. The bullies are such primitive thugs they actually get their parents to exert authority over the establishment and prove some of the kids are innocent but that plan actually fails spectacularly; the younger bullies then remember all these insults and decide to hatch a plan to publicly humiliate Carrie.

Carrie, unknown to anyone, discovers she has telekinesis powers since birth and gains strength in it through secret practice. During that time, one of her bullies, Sue Snell, feels regret over her past decisions and wants to make amends with Carrie: Snell like asks a popular guy from high school, and naturally, since Sue is like so Sue, her boyfriend, Tommy Ross, to take Carrie out to the prom. Tommy begins to fall in love with Carrie at the prom, and his friends also begin to like her, even though Carrie (believe it or not!) was initially sceptical about really only being Ross’, Sue’s like boyfriend, “prom date”.

Seriously disgusted by all of this, one of the female bullies and her boyfriend secretly pile buckets of pig’s blood over Tommy and Carrie’s head and soon pour it on them to ruin their prom. Some teachers and all the students there laugh at Carrie, drenched in pig’s blood, as a dead and drenched in pig’s blood Tommy lies next to her – the bucket hits Tommy on the head and he dies on the spot. At first Carrie runs away from the school in humiliation but then she returns after remembering her telekinesis abilities and spreads electrocution in the school, killing all, when the revenge in her mind initially formed as attacking a few of the students who always bullied her.

Carrie runs away home and gets stabbed by her mother there, which Carrie reacts to by stopping her deranged mother’s heart with telekinesis, instantly. Mortally wounded, however, she runs away again and when one of her bullies try to run her over with a car on the street, she kills all inside the car by getting telekinesis to cause the car to instantly crash. As she is about to die, she learns that Sue did not try to humiliate Carrie at the prom, and foolishly forgives Sue, her former bully. Carrie dies from her injuries, soon after, with the knowledge her mother shared with her: Carrie might have been conceived from marital rape, but her mother quite frankly enjoyed the sex. Back at the school, the horror touches all of the innocent alive, from the principal to senior students now very sombre and remorseful. There is a local county hope, after the prom tragedy, that this event will never repeat itself but you soon learn of a happy woman proclaiming her daughter has telekinesis powers, an ability, she shares with her grandmother.


School Is Like So…In

School Is Like So...In


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Leonardo DiCaprio’s First Ever Academy Award

What was that moment like?

Newspapers and magazines are rife with “celebration” over Leonardo’s first ever “amazing” Academy Award win for Best Actor. But was the moment really worth it? I genuinely feel the real star of the night were the robots from Star Wars, Inside Out and the bear from The Revenant, but when we are talking of the Best Actor, did your favourite win? I really did not have any favourites there because for a moment I thought Tom Hanks was going to receive a nomination for his brilliant work in Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, but I guess that was not to be.

I normally feel that seniors (or young kids who are far more accomplished than some “young stars dabbling in drama”) deserve to be the talk of the town, when it comes to the highest honours in Hollywood. I was so happy to see Mark Rylance win, as such, for his work in Bridge of Spies and Alejandro G. Iñárritu for The Revenant. It was a great night: The Big Short won in the adapted screenplay category, Spotlight won in the original screenplay category and The Revenant won for cinematography. The bear has been so popular at the Academy Awards: Hollywood Life thought it looks like ‘a stuffed bear’, The Mirror thought that Leonardo cannot escape from the bear’s claws, as it was spotted clapping to it’s film, when The Revenant nomination for Best Film was announced during the night, and TIME thought the Bear was so amazing it had to have it’s very own award.

On my desk, sits a stick-it note: procrastinating with Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘first ever’ Academy Award speech.

The Academy Awards is such a prestigious awards ceremony. It is not the Golden Globes, or the Critic’s Choice Awards so the stakes are so much higher. Given their penchant for loving dramas, more than science fiction or romantic comedies, means that you never really know if your work has made the cut, if the films you adore commenting on/reviewing, really will win, in the end. Leonardo here thanks everyone in the room, Fox and the director of the film for coming to attention in the last two years, as the history of filmmaking unravels before everyone’s eyes and how passionate he is about the environment. Although, he has called for zero-procrastination that is something I cannot really do because I love to waste time looking at acceptances speeches as these, that are like warm and frothy like a cup of mocha because this will probably be the last time Leonardo wins at the Academy Awards. Peace out!

Leonardo DiCaprio & the #Bear from The Revenant, at the Academy Awards; the Bear, is very happy and clapping for “its film”.

Pakistan’s National Security Is At Stake

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The attacks on Pakistan is challenging de rigueur ideas of how a society should function

The security situation in Pakistan is worsening by the minute because now young children in Karachi are given firearms by the state army to protect themselves in the face of terrorism. As arrests upon arrests bring no solution to threats posed by Al Qaeda and other similar terror groups to Pakistan, there is also the big question of what is happening to India’s neighbour: there is a great debate over there about how students at university need to now protect their country, rather than invest in an education because the terror threats to Pakistan is so huge. There is no level-headed approach to counter extremism in the country because patriotism seems to have blinded all argument in favour of winning the fight against global security. This is getting in the way of progress.

An inquiry into a recent university attack in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, revealed that poor training is responsible for the attack happening in Pakistani soil. The attack has wounded so bad, protests are happening against Bacha Khan University (BKU)’s structure and it is not hard to see why because no heed was paid to advise, CCTV cameras aiming to bring to attention suspicious activity abound were faulty and the security was insufficiently reimbursed. These attacks are responsible in causing widespread national distress, breaking people’s morals and terrorism has found this as a method to rule in Pakistan. Even though counter-terrorism efforts are running smoothly to address concerns of global security, there is still a lot more at stake, such as how these attacks can impact people’s consciousness and their psychic.

When people talk about giving ordinary people firearms to protect themselves better, they forget that they are asking a person, with no appropriate training to take part in a fire-fight, that from afar sounds easy but when you inspect that idea further you can see how dangerous that thought alone is: how can you be successful at protecting yourself against something as dangerous as terrorist threats, with the possession of a gun, and no training at all? Recently, the Prime Minister of Pakistan visited Saudi Arabia and Iran, to demonstrate that Pakistan has no interest in their regional conflicts about domination in the Gulf. Instead, it is interested as a country to maintain good ties with both, something that it wishes to prove self-beneficial over time.

It is pleasing to learn of Pakistan’s interest in having good ties with the two Middle Eastern countries. Where India is concerned, the dialogue about Pakistan largely focuses on border concerns and terrorist threats inside of Pakistan. Is that so bad? Is that so wrong, what India thinks is important about Pakistan, for the moment? I would like to believe no. Granted, there has been a lot going on about how the state can fuel terrorism and what that means about global security, in India, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. What is fighting this thought is that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif seems to go against all that underwrite his decisions and reach out to India to cool the regional tensions down, appropriately enough, for the two to peacefully exist.

The point of view that the state may or may not sponsor terrorism (sometimes) does not mean that that has to be the whole country at-large; it can also mean that the point of view is slanted towards members of the government, “politicians” and others who regularly exhibit shady behaviour, in the name of politics but nothing is ever done to screech that conversation to a halt. In these circumstances, India will show a negative attitude towards its neighbour over their approach to all of this. But better diplomacy, there is no arguing, will help to prioritize the West’s opinions about global security, and India sharing a much more amicable relationship with Pakistan, as so many would like all of this to be.

The Argument For Monogamy

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One of these preconceived ideas that women (and some “men”) have about relationships is that monogamy isn’t a natural concept to men. I do not buy any of that because I feel that a man can be faithful to a woman, provided that the relationship is one where a lot of effort has been put in to maintain it, from both sides.

Naturally, if a woman is going to behave like she is desperate for a man, and wants him at any cost then a man will take advantage of that situation and go out there and have a one-night stand, when drunk. It is a woman’s responsibility to take care of herself when she is out in the world. She must not lose her wits and proclaim she must desperately have a man, to his face because it hurts so much when she imagines she cannot.

It is a disgusting attitude, I believe, and although getting over a one-sided crush, is tough, it should not come under the guise of a woman posing like she has no self respect at all, for herself. In these circumstances, when people argue that monogamy does not come natural to men, I would have to say, that that is a flawed argument. Monogamy will not come to a woman who did not care about her image in the world, in exchange for the love of a man, she has felt for years was “the one”.

Monogamy will only come to men, when the woman behaves. When she behaves, #looksafterherlooks, comes with manners, and does not come with a life where she is only front page material, for who she dates, not for who she is, or what she does really. How can a woman so different from the conventional concept of what a woman is (#anamazingthing) expect monogamy or a man to not just treat her as nothing more than someone that he can easily score with?

I feel that too many times, young women do nothing but talk about: only love. Taylor Swift, for example, dear God,  is a star who only croons about love, failed loves, heartbreaks and tries to paraphrase it as #afemalething. That is not #afemalething: being strong, being independent, being successful is what’s #afemalething. As a leader, empowering women, to follow suit, empowering them to believe that there is more to life than love, than some women in the public eye would lead you to believe, is what’s #afemale thing.

There is actually a lot more to life than getting oppressed as a housewife that some women might have bought into, because of all these “women singing about their experiences of love” and that is called getting out of it. These deluded fantasies are only for women who can seemingly make money out of singing it, but it is not for every woman in town. Every woman in town deserves a chance at monogamy from a man, they deserve a proper relationship, irrespective of whether or not they can or could not maintain it.

In my opinion, these songs are stupid little things. Say what you want but a love story in your mind will not cuddle you to sleep at night. Say what you want but if you really want to talk about #afemalething (inclusive of monogamy from a man), talk about her, the whole of her, for a change! Say what you want but a love story will not buy you a Prada in NYC, a job (or the aspiration of it, as a starting point) will! Say what you want but there is a whole lot more to a woman than some women (and “men”) would lead you to believe: and it is bloody called high heels + a brain.

BAFTAs Gossip Sheet # 1

Backstage at the BAFTAs

Tonight is the Grammys. As awards season, cascades down upon us, without any hint whatsoever about what lies in store for us, why don’t we all simply ease our nerves, with gossip backstage. So, what has been happening this year?

On my desk sits a gossip piece about Kate Winslet and her “close friend” Leonardo DiCaprio. She “strongly” feels this might be DiCaprio’s year to win an Academy Award.

I would like to disagree because I was very disappointed when I read Leonardo DiCaprio had won a BAFTA, right before learning that The Revenant had won Best Film at the same awards ceremony. As a film critic, I do not like the idea of Leonardo DiCaprio (or Matt Damon, another fellow nominee in the awards category) winning because I do not feel these youngsters deserve to outshine the film.

For me, awards season is about the film. When you review a film, or comment on it a lot, I feel that you form a special bond with it because so much effort goes into that #work. You can say that being academic-brained might make the job simpler but hard work, at the end of the day, is still hard work, whether or not you are naturally talented in the profession, you chose to have.

I think I was born to be an analyst, I think I was born to analyze, but even then a film to me is special during awards season because I want to see it powerfully score the highest honours, and only the film(s) alone, if I am really honest because of that special bond. In retrospect, I think it’s tough to even imagine what it must be like to actually have the spotlight taken away from the film, and place it on stars, who can never be as comprehensive as a film and because I am so straightforward and opinionated, I guess I never do have to imagine.

Being an actor means you must share screen space with others, and there are a whole crew of people doing their bit “to make the film a success”, or in other words, apart from listening to the advise of a #filmcritic to make the film, they are playing their part in the film: that of an editor, of a director, or of an actor. I think this backstage “love” between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio is nicely poignant of the kind of relationship the two must share, yeah because they were both actors on the film set, of Titanic.

Early in the morning, it is not much worth your cup of tea: I think staring at Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl, is much more worthwhile.

Eddie, I must say, has played the most intriguing character, I have laid eyes upon, so far, in #awardsseason2016. That is is my idea of what is cool backstage: ogling at the other fellow nominees and what they have been upto in filmmaking. I think, that is a lot more interesting in Hollywood than two people sharing “friendly affections” in public. It’s not like romantic (or hot) because they are “simply friends” and neither is it about catching up (and #highfiving) with actor(s) about what has been floating their boat in acting.

The Hemsworth Romantic Effect

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

The Miley Cyrus Drama Over Liam Hemsworth Ends In Tears…For “The Princess Bride-To-Be”
Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus…in “happier days”

When Liam Hemsworth called off the engagement with Miley Cyrus, millions of hearts broke around the world. But in retrospect you have got to respect Hemsworth’s decision and he probably did the right thing – Liam’s family breathed a huge sigh of relief when Miley Cyrus was no longer slated to join in with the Hemsworths as a “celebrity Mrs.”. The two met each other whilst filming The Last Song and they instantly started going out. Liam was constantly quiet about the relationship as Miley became an annoying one-person jukebox about her “romantic equation” with Liam for anyone who has no other choice but to listen to her pike about how lucky she is…in love, in the most absurd way imaginable.

The relationship would hit the rocks from when it began in 2010 and finally ended for good in mid-September 2013 – the two admittedly did step out on the RC a lot, as Miley evolved from a songstress to an arm candy for the Hollywood heartthrob, with no hesitation at all. Throughout it, Liam was busy stepping out of his house for that necessity: promotional work for films and he has rarely been spotted with her, except for that one random house visit while they were dating.

I bet that was scary for “the Miley Cyrus team” to have in the gossip pages but what are you gonna do? Liam could see what Miley is like and it turns out, he simply wasn’t going to publicly be with her (in Gucci), for a long time. I must say though what was more shocking was how Hemsworth could never put a stop to Miley always going on and on about their relationship despite his public lack of interest in joining Miley in her “ridiculous, solitary (and a little bit mad) childish behaviour despite her age”. So….why did the couple break up then?