Top 5 Coloring Books Of TV Shows

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From brilliant baking to working class dramas, the best books to shorten your coloring pencils with

Coloring books based on television shows recreate moments from the shows which made you both feel good and reflect on the need to get the priorities in your life totally sorted out, such as cooking great food, having a great love affair and topping competition. The best of the crop also have the widest appeal, all thanks to the great stories the shows have. My pick of the best coloring books:

  1. The Official A Game Of Thrones Coloring Book
  2. The Official Outlander Colouring Book
  3. Great British Bake Off Colouring Book
  4. Coronation Street: The Official Colouring Book
  5. The Poldark Colouring Book

A Heartthrob’s Changing Looks

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Looking good never comes so easy but, with time, at least heartthrobs get it right on rare occasions

In Hollywood, a heartthrob’s look always evolves over time and diversifies. But going from being a fresh-faced young boy to a middle-aged man, doesn’t really mean plenty of changes in their looks – they still look just as good. I have always thought that not every look which heartthrobs sport look very good, or even attractive. But, on most days, there seems to be no changing any of that because heartthrobs really like to put their best foot forward it seems, when it is absolutely necessary: like for a really great role they are playing on-screen or an awards ceremony that they are attending.

It is one of the most unattractive qualities in a man: sloppiness, and it is most visible on heartthrobs when they are sporting a casual look. It would be such a brilliant change if a heartthrob would just swap all the sloppiness for something preppy, even when it is a rather low-key moment in their life, like when they have been snapped with their latest rumored girlfriend; I am sure the women who are in their lives romantically, who are so unlike me and really crazy for their heartthrob no matter how they look it seems, would appreciate that so much more.

Pretty Woman

‘Pretty Woman’ = when love happens in an unlikely (and magical) fashion

Pretty Woman has the most unconventional romantic story in the world: a rich businessman ends up falling in love with a prostitute. It sounds like the most impossible of all realities. But the couple of days the two people – Edward and Vivian, spend with each other really makes sure that love happens; I have always felt that Vivian’s exuberant personality played a big role in that because in spite of what Vivian does to earn a living, she still seems like the perfect catch to Edward.

Ryan Reynolds + Blake Lively = Great Firsts

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How it all started for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively is a mystery in itself because there are two editions of the story. Reynolds has stated that the first time romance happened with him for Blake was when both the stars were out on dates together, with two separate people, and their relationship was amiable and platonic, having met on the sets of The Green Lantern.

But then it turned into the most unconventional first date experience ever: they really hit it off. Lively, on the other hand, first thought of getting romantic with Ryan, whilst in the middle of picking somebody to date for the both of them – the process involved pruning through people, until they both just discovered each other. That is so amazing – the fact that Ryan and Blake just happened to be at the right place at the right time for each other to eventually take off from just ‘being friends’; Reynolds’ story is a lot more romantic than Blake’s, though, because it is easier to connect with, for sensible minds, like mine.

La La Land

The beauty of ‘La La Land’ lies in its challenging storyline

I will forever remember La La Land for its plot: a young pianist (down on his luck) called Sebastian falls really madly in love with a labouring actress called Mia. The Oscar-nominated film is truly worth celebrating because it puts the spotlight on that type of romantic relationship, where compromises are sometimes necessary to feel totally complete in love.

Humphrey Bogart

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There isn’t a lot of actors in the world who can be as first-rate as the Hollywood legend that is Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart is a Hollywood icon – a box-office star, an Academy Award winner, and an actor whose personality is a stark contrast to the roles that made him a memorable presence on-screen. Bogart’s performances in movies such as The Maltese Falcon (1941) and Casablanca (1942) earned him widespread recognition but this wasn’t before his numerous struggles with acting.

Humphrey’s initial days as an actor involved being a part of the cast in drawing-room comedies (on Broadway), which most probably thankfully, in part fueled by good reviews, acted as a springboard to starring in Hollywood films. This is despite the fact that the Wall Street Crash of 1929 had managed to all of a sudden cut up the concept of stage production.

Humphrey was originally from New York and born into an affluent family – his mother was a suffragette and his father was a heart surgeon, who died in debt. Humphrey was (shockingly) brought up with this point of view that acting wasn’t what gentlemen do but nevertheless still decided to pursue it.

After obtaining a contract with a major production house of the time – Fox Film Corporation, Bogart went on to star in a very small range of films, such as Up the River (1930) and The Petrified Forest (1936). One of the primary contributors to Bogart’s tremendous breakthrough in Hollywood came with a movie which had, at first, almost cast George Raft (Scarface and Some Like It Hot) because he was a bigger actor than Bogart – The Maltese Falcon, a thrilling film about a private detective, Sam Spade, went to Bogart only after he declined the offer to star in it; almost instantly, the movie turned fortunes around for Bogart.

Bogart’s life was also peppered with various marriages, out of which the most famous was undoubtedly with Lauren Bacall. But it’s not his private life that managed to put him at the forefront of public consciousness on Hollywood – it’s his movies.

The African Queen (1951) had even given Bogart his first (and only) Academy Award: the movie followed a British missionary, Rose (Katharine Hepburn) and a Canadian boat captain, Charlie Allnut (Humphrey Bogart) in an East African village, mostly after the First World War has broken out – this is when the three African states Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda were united as German colonies, especially established to battle the ongoing slave trade.

The Ever-changing Romantic Perspective for Heartthrobs

The thought of chasing the news story about who heartthrobs are dating in the latest is like trying to keep up with the scores of your favourite game in the midst of a long drive, with the help of radio forecasts – you know it’s practically impossible because it changes so fast, and so soon, and you’ve got a car to drive. But, I’ll admit it, just like my favourite game, their love lives are still entertaining enough to catch, even during the busiest of days. In the latest of ‘who are the women that have managed to capture the hearts and minds of young hearthrobs’, there is Chris Evans, Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Pine – well, stories that, I feel, are worth my time at least.

Chris Pine finds his perfect match in a far away land

There is so much more to Chris than just the amazing ‘Wonder Woman’ – there is also his latest romantic escapades. Having previously dated a string of famous women, his current romantic partner is a French actress, who was actually born in the African country, Algeria. They were first spotted rocking the music festival Coachella, where Chris was being, what would probably be looked upon by so many women, as the perfect guy, to his latest romantic squeeze (from France): he was being very understanding of her need to soak in the limelight but still maintained that typical romantic avatar of checking out his latest romantic interest, every now and then. So many hearts must have broken around the world at that new young romance, alone…

Justin Bieber’s still single…

Since Bieber and Selena Gomez, broke up the past year, the Canadian music artist has been cruising along, without a girlfriend just fine, save for the usual hookup stories in the rumour mills, which so far really highlight his probable affection for a dark-haired Brazilian model in her early twenties.

Leonardo DiCaprio is rumoured to be dating a brunette model (for a change)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest romantic interest seems to be another young model, yet again – she’s in her early twenties, she’s German and the two were spotted getting cozy over lunch in New York. This isn’t the first time DiCaprio has been linked to the young model but sadly, it all still seems to be in the rumours stage. DiCaprio was previously dating another blonde model, who he thought was “a very cool girl” – that’s hardly surprising! DiCaprio’s most recent ex-girlfriend was Danish and she was picked up from the streets to become a model despite lacking modelling experience – sounds very similar to how Rosie Huntington-Whiteley became a model. That episode soon acted as DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend’s launchpad to Hollywood stardom, which brought her closer to DiCaprio and the infamous year-long relationship that reportedly only ended (as Leo’s friends were expecting it to) because Leo just wasn’t really ready to take it to another (higher) romantic level from their constant (and might I add, overbearing) display of PDAs.

Chris Evans: a different man in love?

Chris Evans recently broke up with his girlfriend and fellow star from the movie, Gifted but Chris continues to speak very fondly about his ex, even going so far as to describe her as a truthful lady, with a display of vulnerability and a woman who is disinterested in herself, in comparison to her level of interest in other people; Chris also mentioned that she was his favourite person in the whole world – figures! Given how much Chris unabashedly gushes over his ex-girlfriend, that’s hardly surprising.

It really all sounds like a very typical Hollywood romance that just turned into total dust, except for this: the young heartthrob recently decided to throw around a very odd compliment about his ex-girlfriend – that, in his personal life, there is nobody who “speaks English so greatly” as his actress-girlfriend does. Wow! I guess that’s what young love does to a man sometimes and I think that’s just what happened to Chris – it transformed Chris from the superhero image normally associated with him (thanks to Captain America) and into a very romantic young man; how perfect for his female fans!