Artful Dresses

Wearing art never involves having a complicated experience

Artful dresses make a point, without saying a word. The latest crop is certainly varied: from a ’70s inspired dress to a simple dress that looks like it was meant to make a sporty point during Wimbledon, the aim is to do more with very little.

Attico Striped Sequin Mini Dress

Colorful and groovy, the short wrap dress features sleeves that has a bell shape and stripes that seem like they have been invoked from a kaleidoscope-inspired rainbow; the dress is just perfect for nights out inspired by Studio 54 days.

Fendi Sleeveless Crosshatch Silk Cape Dress

A dark shade of blue, the cape dress is sporty but provocative: it features an asymmetric + flared hemline, cutouts on the sides, and blue + white stripes on the round neckline; wear it to the matches at Wimbledon this summer (when it is raining!) because the occasion of watching your favorite tennis player calls for some dressing up to make the event doubly fun.

Navro Velvet Mini Dress With Sheer Sleeves

Sheer and embroidered with a tattoo composition, the mini dress is made from velvet and looks divinely poetic, not least because of its contrasting pockets; for its multidimensional outlook, the dress would be ideal when in the mood for something edgy.

Magda Butrym Silk Puebla Dress

Sultry and ruched at the front, the silk dress looks like it just walked out of a story by Shakespeare; it also boasts a sweetheart neckline and pretty long tie-ups on the slender straps – it’s perfect for evenings where dressing in a costume is in order and you would really love to simplify that experience.


Bright Attires

Reigning in spring with brightness

Spring calls for bright clothes: it represents the colors associated with the blooming of flowers, of various varieties.

Cherry Cami Dress at Forever 21

Young and attention-grabbing, this navy blue dress with prints of red cherries is ideal as daywear, especially at fun spring picnics (when the sun is out!).

Floral Off-the-shoulder Romper at Forever 21

Vibrant and floral, the romper is ideal festival-material because of its unique blend of exoticism and color.

Button-Front Halter Dress at Forever 21

Halter-neck and backless, the red dress is really good for casual-romantic nights out, with the right accessory – like, drop earrings and (high-heeled) t-bar sandals.

Floral Print Dress at Forever 21

Red + tropical, the dress is good for spring walks amongst lush trees and muddy terrains.

The Right Blazers For Spring

Blazers in spring must be two kinds: soft and affordable

Blazers epitomize the need for functionality to rule, despite the fact that it’s so basic in form. The colours to go for this spring are something traditional and the kinds that reflect the ever-changing weather of this particular season, where it is hot one moment and cold the other; materials to stick for – something soft, like polyester.

ASOS The Boyfriend Blazer Mix & Match

The boyfriend blazer is a classic black and sports only a single button at the front – it’s a really good choice to project an image of staidness about yourself, at the workplace.

ASOS Blazer with Frill Detail

Frilly and coloured navy, this double-breasted blazer is beautifully long; add it your work wardrobe to inject a sense of youthfulness.

Boohoo Longline Double Breasted Blazer

Bright and elongated, but still loose, the blazer is ideal as workwear for consecutive long nights at work because then only loosely-tailored clothes can reflect your mood.

ASOS Tailored Longline Blazer

Elegant and long, the coat is perfect as workwear, to stylistically emphasize as an individual, a sense of both power and respectability, which has been rightfully earned.