Whale Misses Hot Dog

Whale is counting down the time to when he will see Hot Dog again. He already misses his pet dog muttering around the house and doesn’t know what to do really with the time that she is with his mother. He supposes the two are having fun over the weekend. Sighing heavily under his breath, he turns his television on. It is time for the eight o’ clock news and he doesn’t want to miss it. Just then, the bell to his front door chimes…

Whale: Huh? Who is visiting at this hour?

He goes from his living room to open the front door. It’s Fat Pig and Jack.

Whale: Oh! What are you two doing here? Hot Dog is with her grandmother for the weekend.

Jack: I know! May I talk to her over the phone? I really miss her.

Whale: Um, why don’t you come back tomorrow? I can ring her for you in the morning. It’s quite late already. I don’t want Hot Dog to be talking over the phone now with her friends.

Fat Pig: Sure, Mr. Whale! We’ll come back tomorrow! Have a pleasant evening!

Whale slams the door shut and goes back to the living room to catch his evening news. Channel Two has got adverts on already and Whale notices something that gets him very excited – an advert scripted by his boss Bart is airing, and it has a young and pudgy boy talking about a bookshop.

Young and Pudgy Boy: This is my favourite bookstore in the whole world! It is in the perfect place in Kent and it stocks the greatest range of biographies, fiction novels, and other kinds of books ever. It might not be really huge but that’s not what you are looking for from this village bookshop. Everytime I really want to find out about a celebrity and who he is dating at the moment – an actress, a supermodel, or his superfan…I just come to this bookstore. It tells me everything I want to know. I have never been not pleased with the books they stock in that biography department. Why don’t you also come down to Kent soon and join me? It is the perfect place to learn about a millionaire’s love affair with a lady who will do anything to date him, or simply a woman that has demonstrated in every possible way that she is meant to be with him. It is so difficult to navigate the world of Hollywood romances like those: a heartthrob’s girlfriend will still be his typical kind of girl – I like to dream that it will be his superfan, in the end . She might not have it in her to handle being with him and so might act otherwise or disinterested at first, but deep down inside, she is still that girl who a) has met him b) wants to date him but will act not interested around him because she likes him too, too much. Ah! That is called true love!

The Summer Heat & Queues

The Simpsons – one of Whale and Hot Dog’s favourite television shows!

Act I Scene I

Whale is sunbathing at Hyde Park today. The summer has gotten unusually hot, so he is sipping on some cold beer and lounging around the park with his childhood friend, Jack Sr.

Whale: It’s so hot. I am glad I have this mug of frosties with me to make me feel really cool!

Jack Sr: I know! I don’t know what I was thinking when I said “Yes” to dropping off Jack with the kids, and Mr. Brown, at the circus this weekend! In my mind, just picturing the long walk to pick them up later on is making me sweat…

Whale: Yeah? Why did Brown’s car break down all of a sudden?

Jack Sr: I think it had something to do with the tyres, and he just couldn’t find any time over the week, to fix it for the weekend!

Whale: Was that all? Wish I had been at the circus with Hot Dog…her friend Fat Pig kept screaming all the way about cotton candy at the circus, and maybe we could have seen all the fun sitting underneath a tree, and in the shade if we had gone with them!…ahhh the frosties!

Act I Scene II

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are at the circus for the weekend. They want to enjoy a trapeze show, but so far they are stuck at the enormously long queue to buy tickets to it. It has been fifteen minutes and the four of them are thoroughly bored.

Hot Dog (exasperated): Ohhhhh! How much longer Mr. Brown?

Mr. Brown: Not very long, honey!

Fat Pig:…Dog…I saw Moja Bleu yesterday!

Hot Dog: Where?

Fat Pig: At the supermarket! I was there to get some peanuts for our kitchen cupboard!

Jack: You like peanuts?

Fat Pig: Yeah, they are pretty good snacks!

Hot Dog: Yeah? Was Moja Bleu shopping as well?

Fat Pig: No! He was there to return Moti Pasteur’s munsell-yellow jumper he had bought the week before, with a pair of lemon chiffon socks for himself – the jumper unexpectedly shrank in the wash!

LEGO Blues

Those Childhood Moments…

Hot Dog is busy making her bed at camp and listening to the classic “Blue Night” by MLTR. At that moment, Fat Pig comes with a tiny box of LEGO on her bed and works on his model.

Hot Dog: What are you making?

Fat Pig: A model homage to Blues Brothers!

Hot Dog: You mean those awesome dudes from Fanta?

Fat Pig: They are like Monty Python!

Hot Dog: You mean like The Jetsons?

Fat Pig: No!!! They are like really awesome things, like Star Wars!

Hot Dog: Are you like on about those slum-rock Horses’ Band again?

Yellowstone Park – The Muffins

Yogi Bear & The Picnic Basket

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are unpacking their bags at the lodge, where Park Ranger John Smith is helping out!
Park Ranger John Smith: So, Hot Dog this is your area of the lodge! I’ll help you out with all of the necessary documents a little later…
Hot Dog: Alright! Cheers!
Fat Pig & Jack: Thank you!!!
Park Ranger John Smith: That’s alright! Hot Dog I’ll need your biology report in the evening today!
Hot Dog: Yeah, I know!!! I’ll revise & give it to you!
Park Ranger John Smith: Alright! Peace Red Bear!!!
Fat Pig:………look at all these kids! How many do you think are in this floor of the wooden hut?
Jack: I think about 22!
Fat Pig: Look how fat that dog is…he’s eating 6 muffins all at once!
Jack: How is that teaching him anything at camp?
Hot Dog:……..have you seen Fang? My pet was on my bed!
Fat Pig:…….yeah, here she is………….biting that fat dog’s butt!

Yellowstone Park – The Decision

How To Be A Baby Biologist @ Yellowstone Park

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are still on the gray boulder, trying to grapple with the idea of what to do about lodges.

Hot Dog: I tried to become Baby Park Ranger but I cannot until next year because all the junior kids have already filled up the positions as Baby Park Rangers.

Jack: Really? How awful!

Fat Pig: I know! She has been wanting to become a Baby Park Ranger for some time now. Why didn’t you get on that programme before?

Hot Dog: I could not! I only found out about that properly this term in school! So, when I asked to become one after finding out, one of the juniors who is a Baby Park Ranger or Park Ranger Star I cannot remember, told me that it’s not possible until next year because kids are already on those positions for this year!

Jack: You know, we could like assist around the lodges and live there too if we could have become one!

Fat Pig: Yeah, but our juniors are doing all of those jobs now!

Hot Dog: Who cares? I just need to think about the assignments we have for the camping trip now – I still do not know what to do about that nature report. If all things go great, I think I will get an A+ in it and then for our regular camping trips, I can become a Baby Biologist for Yellowstone Park!

Yellowstone Park – The Conversation

The Conversation @ Yellowstone Park

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are sitting on a gray boulder and discussing about lodges, while the rest of the kids prepeare for their life at the camping lodges.

Fat Pig: So, basically what has happened is that all our mates are already in separate arrangements, so we cannot live with them during the trip! But what are we going to tell all of our Dads?

Jack: We will just tell them that John Smith told us to find our own separate accomodation because that is the new rule!

Fat Pig: I am pretty sure they stated they make exceptions for students, during the briefing back at our school before the trip, provided we outline why!

Jack: Yes, but I asked John Smith and he has stated that that was all before! The rules have all been changed now! Even if we outline that our Dads won’t like the idea of having to live with a family or a group of kids, because we can only afford to rent a room, there is no way that that can be changed anymore!

Fat Pig: Yeah, too many new students enrol at our school now! So, it’s not possible anymore + the rules have been changed!

Hot Dog: Why don’t we go ask John Smith for help with it because I really think we should? I had put my name down for the lodge last year but there was a confusion over the forms and my room went to some other kid – I am guessing a junior!

Fat Pig: What you can like hold it?

Hot Dog: Yeah, there are three huge lodges! In the third one, you can where I was last year during my camping trip to Yellowstone Park!

Jack: I cannot believe we cannot stay in the lodges!

Hot Dog: Better get excited for alternative accomodation then because that is like what everyone wants!


Yellowstone Park Trip – The Lodge

The Camping Trip @ Yellowstone Park

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are at Yellowstone Park for a camping trip. They wrapped up their Bloomsbury Books visit and now it is time for their regular camp activities. All of the students from Fox are gathered at the park on their first day of the long trip.

Park Ranger John Smith: Good morning students!

All Students: (in union) Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!

Park Ranger John Smith: I have a very exciting announcement to make. I know all of you are really tired from the long bus trip but we will be showing you to your lodges, right away. Seniors please give me your group names for arranging separate accomodation, and juniors please follow me to the lodges!

Fat Pig: WHAT?!?! We don’t get to live in the lodges?

Park Ranger John Smith: No! That is just for the junior kids! The seniors must take up responsibility that they are seniors and thus find their own accomodation, in Yellowstone Park!

Jack: But I want to live in the lodge!!!

Park Ranger John Smith: Well, you can’t! That is just for juniors!

Hot Dog: Better go discuss amongst ourselves then to find another place! I don’t think any of our mates are available aside from the three of us in the same boat because I knew they were living around Yellowstone Park during the trip!

Fat Pig: (looking at a curious young kid listening in on the conversation)…………naturally, we are talking about our classmates! We don’t really speak to juniors!