Inside Patch No. 10

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Whale has dropped off Hot Dog at a restaurant called Patch No. 10 where her friend Arthur is hosting a party. Two of her friends, Moo and Jack, are also attending the party. The restaurant has green-colored chairs plus white-colored tables and occasionally, golden-colored sculptures of fairies dot the place; for Arthur’s party, the restaurant’s windows have been decorated with flowers as well.

Hot Dog: Where is Arthur?
Moo: He is ordering some food at the counter. Where is Fat Pig?
Hot Dog: Fat Pig could not come to the party. He told me in school today that Mr. Brown won’t pay for him to have a meal here.
Jack: I can’t believe I’m hearing this!
Moo: Why wouldn’t Mr. Brown pay? The food you get here isn’t expensive!
Hot Dog: I think Mr. Brown felt it was expensive. Whale told me that a meal of three cheese and egg sandwiches and a cup of soda here costs around $4.
Jack (gaping): How does Whale know that?
Hot Dog: He looked it up over the internet!


The Invitation

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Jack, Hot Dog and Fat Pig are standing together in a corner of their classroom and reading their copy of an invitation which has been printed on a pink-colored card. The invitation states,

Let me introduce myself: I am Arthur. You might already know me…I sit behind Bryan and last year, I had come third in class. Tomorrow, I am throwing a party at a restaurant called ‘Patch No. 10’ which is located really close to where I live. I wanted to invite you to it. Be there! It will be fun!
Love, Arthur

Hot Dog: Do either of you know him?
Jack and Fat Pig (together): No!
Hot Dog: Do you think we should go to this party he has thrown?
Fat Pig: I want to!
Jack: I am not sure. I don’t want to exchange an evening spent sleeping with homework for some party.
Fat Pig: Oh! Come on!
Hot Dog: Do you think the food at the restaurant will be expensive?
Fat Pig: No idea! But I hope a matter like that doesn’t stand in the way of me going to the party because if it does then I am going to get really angry.

Whale and Mr. Brown Talk About Work

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It is late in the evening and Whale is leaning on a fence at Mr. Brown’s house; the fence is colored white and it encloses an untidy garden. Mr, Brown, meanwhile, is sitting on a rocking chair in his front porch and reading a tattered old book.

Whale: Good evening, Mr. Brown! How are you finding that book you are reading?
Mr. Brown: Good evening! The book is quite good. How has work been?
Whale: It’s been boring the last few days because I have had to proofread many books.
Mr. Brown: Don’t you enjoy doing that part of your job?
Whale: I do enjoy it sometimes but after proofreading more than one script, where my main job was to pick spelling or grammatical errors out and correct them really, I get bored to do it again for another script; in fact, I can very easily fall asleep doing it. How has work been at your end?
Mr. Brown: It’s been alright! I haven’t been doing much except for answering phone calls for my boss. He has been receiving too many of them from his business partners lately.
Whale: Oh! What has that been like?
Mr. Brown: Well, mostly it has been boring for me too but some of those people can be very rude when you talk to them and that’s the part about my job which I really hate.
Whale: Mmm, hearing that makes me feel really glad that I have to speak very little to people at my job!

The Apple Nursery

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Whale has parked his car next to a nursery called The Apple Nursery. The nursery is just a twenty-minute drive away from where he lives.

Shopkeeper: Good morning!
Whale: Good morning! I wanted to buy three different varieties of potted plants for my backyard. I will take a look at what you have in store and then bring the plants to the till to buy them.
Shopkeeper: Alright!

Thirty minutes later in Whale’s backyard…

Whale: Take a look, Hot Dog! I bought begonia plants, rose plants and one balloon cactus.
Hot Dog: Where will you place them?
Whale: I was thinking of placing them next to the fence.
Hot Dog: Oh! Which plant is your favorite, Whale?
Whale: My favorite? I would say my favorite is the balloon cactus because it is shaped round just like me.

Whale Wants to Buy Plants

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It is 9 o’clock at night and Hot Dog has already tucked herself into bed. Whale, meanwhile, is sitting in his living room and chatting with Jack Sr. The radio is playing some opera music in the background but the two of them are not paying any attention to it.

Whale: I want to buy some potted plants and place them in my backyard.
Jack Sr.: Really? Do you have any specific plant in mind that you want to get?
Whale: No, not yet! When I am at a nursery, I am just going to browse what they have and pick some.
Jack Sr.: Which nursery are you going to go to?
Whale: I have not decided yet. I am going to use this app I have on my smartphone called London’s Shops to find one. I love the app. It’s really good.
Jack Sr.: It is?
Whale: Yes! You just type the word ‘nursery’, followed by the name of your neighborhood in, and it will find all the nurseries located close to where you live. I also love the app because right after that, an animated Abyssinian cat says “Make the shopkeeper happy and shop all you want!”.

The Frying Pan

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It is four o’clock in the afternoon and Fat Pig is using the only stove which Mr. Brown has in his kitchen to fry some fish balls. Mr. Brown isn’t home yet from work; he usually returns home at somewhere around six o’clock in the evening. Only ten minutes after Fat Pig begins to cook, he gets the strongest urge to watch some television. So he leaves the kitchen with food still frying on high heat on the stove to do that.

Three hours later…

Fat Pig: Mr. Brown! Uh, it looks like I have burnt one of your frying pans really badly.
Mr. Brown: What? How?
Fat Pig: I was frying fish balls in the frying pan to have them for dinner tonight. But I left the pan unattended on the stove for a long time so it got burnt really badly. I am not certain but I think your frying pan is no longer usable now.
Mr. Brown: Fat Pig, don’t you know that you are not supposed to leave the kitchen when you are still cooking?
Fat Pig: I know that! But I really wanted to watch some television and I didn’t want to wait until I had finished my cooking to do that.
Mr. Brown: Why would you leave the kitchen only because you wanted to watch television?
Fat Pig: Because I really like to, that’s why. Uh, if you want to punish me for what I did then you can just make sure that I don’t watch anymore television until tomorrow evening. I am sure I will learn a lesson and not act this irresponsibly whilst cooking again.

The Conversation

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Blau is looking at photographs in a newspaper and eating a piece of buttered toast at the dining table. Snowball is sat next to her chair on the floor; it has just finished eating breakfast comprised of a handful of cherries.

The newspaper, which belongs to the old man and was kept at the dining table, has many colored photographs: an old man is smiling holding some grass in his hand, a young woman wearing an olive-colored maxi dress is walking through a room inside a palace which has many paintings of men on its walls, a young man is holding a paintbrush and looking at his unfinished work of art – a painting of old bottles holding red poppies plus green roses, and so on. After she has finished eating her toast, Blau puts the newspaper down and remembers that she needed to converse with the old man regarding getting back to Moscow; he is cooking some vegetables on the stove.

Blau: I need to get myself back to Moscow soon. I have some work there.
The Old Man: Oh! What kind of work?
Blau: I am working on two cases right now and I can only find more clues regarding both in Moscow; those clues should help me solve the cases fast.
The Old Man: Really?
Blau: Yes! One case involves a young boy who was murdered and another case involves a young woman who was has been kidnapped.
The Old Man: Oh! How horrible! So, you have no idea who committed these crimes?
Blau: No, not yet! But I am certain that I can solve both the cases soon. Uh, do you have any idea how I can get myself to Moscow?
The Old Man: Yes, I do! I can take you to the closest train station and from there you can get a train which will take you to Russia.
Blau: Oh, thank you! Can you take me there tomorrow? I want to take Snowball and go to the train station in the morning.
The Old Man: Yes, I can take you there in the morning!
Blau: Brilliant! Will we be walking to the train station?
The Old Man: Yes, we will! It’s not far…it will take us maybe thirty to thirty-five minutes to get there. It’s a very small train station actually but if you buy a ticket when we get there, you and your dog should be able to get on a train which leaves for Moscow in the evening.