Whale Goes For A Walk

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Whale is out for a walk in his neighborhood. He walks past houses of various colors: yellow, blue, green and so on. Some of these houses have chimneys, while others do not. All of a sudden, Whale spots Moja Bleu watering some flowers in his front yard.

Whale: Good morning Moja Bleu! How are you?
Moja Bleu: Good Morning Whale! I could have been better! Moti has gone to India for a few weeks. So I have to do all the household chores alone! How are you?
Whale: I am great! Is Moti visiting his family?
Moja Bleu: Yes! Moti has an extremely big family. Also, he has not visited India in the last four years!
Whale: Oh my God! Why not? His family lives there!
Moja Bleu: Moti tries to avoid visiting India as often as he can because he does not get along with many of his relatives. He once told me that many of them were spiteful knuckleheads.


The Card

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Jack and Hot Dog are sitting in Whale’s dining room. They are eating biscuits and hanging out. Whale, meanwhile, is watching television inside his living room.

Jack: I made something for you for Valentine’s Day!
Hot Dog: Really?
Jack: Yeah!

Jack hands Hot Dog a red-colored card. On top of the card, Jack has written: ‘For my Valentine, Hot Dog’ using golden ink and also drawn a sketch of two dogs fighting over a pizza. Inside the card, Jack has taped a picture of Hot Dog and him sitting on a park bench; underneath the picture, Jack has written (using silver ink):

‘You will always be my friend. I want to always share with you what I do every day. There is nothing in this world that can drive us apart. Nothing at all. Happy Valentine’s Day!’

Hot Dog: Oh my God!
Jack: You like?
Hot Dog: I love! I didn’t make anything for you but I will!
Jack: Oh! Alright! I look forward to receiving it!
Hot Dog: Alright! Um, I think I will make a…card for you too. But my card will have a funny picture of us.
Jack: You have a funny picture of us?
Hot Dog: I do! Whale took that picture. In it, you are wearing a pink dress and I am wearing a green dress and we are drinking mango juice.

The Traffic Jam

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It’s 5:07 in the evening and Whale is stuck inside his car at a traffic jam. He is listening to the radio and looking at the many cars around him on the road.

Whale (thinks to himself): Why are there almost always traffic jams when I am trying to get home from work? I actually cannot remember the last time that I reached home by 5:30pm; I am nearly always home somewhere around twenty minutes after that.

Ten minutes and two more traffic jams later…

Whale (thinks to himself): Tomorrow I must drive through a different route. I should not care that since I will be mostly driving through working class neighbourhoods to get myself home earlier that the view from my car will be rubbish.

The Mint Tax

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Whale is reading a copy of a newspaper inside David’s office. David is Whale’s co-worker; he is an agent and his office is located two floors below Whale’s office. The newspaper which Whale is reading has the headline: ‘New Tax’; underneath the headline are the sentences: ‘The Prime Minister announced last evening that he will introduce a new kind of tax. It will help the poor and also the middle class but not the rich. The new tax will be called ‘Mint Tax’. Opposition parties are already against the idea of the ‘Mint Tax’. But there is no certainty over…’

Whale: Oh! I don’t think I am ready to pay more tax than I already do! I wish the government…
David: Oh you just read that part of the news in the paper, did you? You know, I am a middle-class man myself with a house of my own in an upscale neighborhood in London.
Whale: How old are you?
David: I am in my fifties! You know, I earn more than average to be able to do things like that! So I really don’t get how making someone like me pay less tax is a good idea.
Whale: Oh! I think the Prime Minister really wants to tax middle-class people who earn as much as you do! I don’t think you will get that lucky when I definitely won’t!

Four Lovers in Vienna

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It is 7 o’clock in the evening. Whale is watching a soap opera on television; the soap opera is called Four Lovers in Vienna.

Hot Dog: What is the soap opera about, Whale?

Whale: It is about four couples and the challenges which they experience in life and their relationships.

Hot Dog: What kind of challenges?

Whale: Many kinds! In today’s episode, for example, one of the couples – Cedric and Blaire, are talking to each other about eloping because their parents are against their relationship.

Hot Dog: Why?

Whale: Because Cedric is from a well-to-do middle class family and Blaire is a working class girl who is employed by Cedric’s mother as a maid. Both their parents think that it would be best if they were in a relationship with somebody from their respective classes instead.

Hot Dog: Oh no!

Whale: Yes! Horrible, isn’t it?

Hot Dog: Yes, it is! So, how did Cedric and Blaire fall in love?

Whale: After Blaire worked in the house which Cedric lived in for four years, he began noticing that she is a very good maid. So, post that, Cedric began spending time with Blaire every evening and soon after that, the two developed feelings for each other and thus, started dating.

Food and a Letter

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Jack, Hot Dog and Moo are sitting at a table which is located next to a sculpture of a fairy, with the foods they have ordered. They wanted to sit next to Arthur but some of their classmates were already occupying the tables located close to him.

Jack: Hot Dog, why did you only order a paper packet of barbecued ribs and a glass of orange juice? That’s not enough food!
Hot Dog: It is for me! I like that you got a hamburger!
Jack: Yeah? I think out of all the foods I ordered for myself, the pizza is my favourite; it’s a tomato and beef pizza.
Moo: The pizza which I ordered with my hamburger and sandwich is very exotic – it’s topped with olives, cheese and curry-flavoured chicken slices.
Jack: Wow!
Moo: Mm-hmm!
Hot Dog: It sounds very tasty!

Meanwhile, at Mr. Brown’s house, Fat Pig is busy writing a small letter.

Dear Auntie Ashley

I am having the worst day of my life. I had an argument with Mr. Brown and now I feel scared to live with him. Can you please come visit me soon? I will feel better if you come and stay with me for some weeks. Also, if you help me, I can get myself back in his favour once again.


Fat Pig

Fat Pig (thinks to himself): I must post this letter after school tomorrow! I hope I could convince her to come live with me!

The Letter

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Fat Pig is going through a bunch of items which he has kept inside a big green-coloured box. He is looking for a letter which he received from a relative recently; he often loves to read the letter. After looking for over five minutes, Fat Pig finds it and begins to read it once more. The letter states,

Dear Fat Pig,

It has been a while since we last heard from each other. I was happy to learn that you have collected many stamps. I would love to know what else you do whole day. I hope you like the strawberry pies I made especially for you and sent with this letter.

Please write to me frequently. I haven’t yet gotten married to the man I love and so, I do not often stay very busy. I also live in a really lousy neighbourhood, where I have to make adjustments with a lot of people, even though I do not like the way they lead their lives. If you write to me often, I will have somebody to share stories with and that would make me very happy.


Your Auntie Ashley

Fat Pig (thinks to himself): I better write a letter to her about the argument which I had with Mr. Brown. I am sure I will feel a lot better after doing that!