Blau and Viktor

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Blau is pointing a gun at Viktor and standing atop a moving train. The train is filled with passengers and it is passing through snow-covered mountains.

Blau: Give me the princess!

Viktor: No. Do not come any closer! I will not hesitate to throw the princess from the train to her death! I will show no mercy. I was destined to become a king. I will not forgive King Damir for what he has done.

Oleg: You must untie the princess.

Viktor (shaking with anger): I will do no such thing. I had found the perfect way to ruin King Damir’s reputation and remove him from the throne and make myself a king. But he foiled my plan. So now he must lose his daughter. I want him to cry for the rest of his life!

Blau: You will not succeed at this. Give me the princess! I will not hesitate to shoot you. Do you hear me?

Viktor (walking towards Blau): I will not give you the princess. I will not let King…

Suddenly, Viktor slips on a sheet of ice. He tries to grab onto Princess Irina but cannot and so falls from the train to his death. Oleg then walks carefully towards Princess Irina and cuts the ropes around her with his pocket knife; following that, the four descend (from the roof of the train) into a dining compartment.

Blau: Are you hurt?

Princess Irina: I am fine. Oh! Thank you…thank you for saving my life!


Blau and Stepan

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Blau, Oleg and Snowball hurriedly arrive at a train station in Moscow. The train station is packed and so, initially, Blau has difficulty finding Stepan. But after looking for him for fifteen minutes, she finds him standing next to a food cart on Platform No. 7.

Blau: Hello! Do you know Lorenzo? I am Blau. Did Lorenzo tell you about me?

Stepan: Yes, he did. You should get on this train now. It is heading to Trabzon and it will depart within five minutes. Take my gun! You should corner Viktor aboard the train with it. I wish I could have done that myself but I do not have enough money to buy myself a ticket to Trabzon.

One hour later…

Oleg (whispers): I can see Viktor is sitting behind that old woman. Do you think he…Blau?

Blau suddenly gets up from her seat and walks towards Viktor with her hand inside her black overcoat. Viktor sees Blau coming towards him and gets up from his seat and runs through the door of the train compartment. Blau also runs behind Viktor, with both Oleg and Snowball at her tail.

After running for less than a minute, Viktor climbs to the roof of the train through a window and with a lot of difficulty the three follow him to the roof as well. The roof of the train is covered with snow and on it, the three find Princess Irina tied with ropes and with a handkerchief over her mouth.

Viktor: Stay away from me…or I will throw the princess from the train!

The Prized Relationship

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Blau is watching the news on television in her hotel room with Oleg; King Damir has made the headlines again. Snowball, meanwhile, is eating some boiled cauliflowers from her dinner bowl on the carpeted floor.

Oleg: Does King Damir have a special relationship with the German government?

Blau: No.

Oleg: But why did your country’s government immediately decide to fulfil his request then?

Blau: The government felt obliged to fulfil his request because Russia has had a prized relationship with Germany for thousands of years.

Oleg: I see.

Suddenly, the phone in Blau’s hotel room rings. Blau picks it up and learns it is Lorenzo.

Blau: Where? Are you sure? What does he look like? I…I will be there within an hour.

Oleg: Who was that?

Blau: It was Lorenzo. He has learned that Viktor is boarding a train to Trabzon – this area very close to the Black Sea – with Princess Irina; he has disguised her as his wife. I must catch that train and stop Viktor.

Oleg: But how? How will you do that?

Blau: Well, Lorenzo has told a moustachioed man – if I remember correctly, his name is Stepan – that I will be arriving soon at the station. Stepan will be there carrying a placard and pretending to be a taxi driver for families of all who will board that train. He is supposed to give me a gun so I can protect myself from him aboard the train if I need to.

Oleg: I will go there with you. I will also carry Snowball with me.

King Damir’s Request

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Blau and Oleg are drinking coffee at a cafe. The cafe is located on the eleventh floor of Markov Hotel and the two are sat next to a window with a view of snow-covered trees.

Oleg: So Blau, are you a detective?

Blau: No. I work for the German government. I came to Russia because it had received a telegram from King Damir. In the telegram, the king had written his daughter was kidnapped from a party and the police in Russia were doing all they could to find her but it had been three weeks and so he could no longer trust they would be successful in saving her. So then he requested the government to send someone to Russia to save her.

Oleg: So the government sent you?

Blau: Yes. I normally work with historical records in Hamburg. I joined the government only two years ago.

Oleg: Why didn’t it send the police or…a detective who could find out the kidnapper’s motive for kidnapping Princess Irina?

Blau: Well, it’s an international problem so the government could not send the police because the police only operates locally. The government also does not employ any detectives. So it could not send one here. But I am good at unearthing information. So the government felt sending me here was the best it could do for King Damir.

Oleg: What will you do with the information you have unearthed?

Blau: I want to give it to King Damir and hopefully he can use it to save Princess Irina in time.

Hot Dog and Ginger

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Hot Dog is sitting next to a classmate called Ginger during the bus trip back to her school. Behind her, Jack is talking to Peanut about the different kinds of weather vanes he has seen in his lifetime and in front of her Holly is talking to Moo about pies.

Ginger: My favourite class in school is art class because I hate to read. Which class in school is your favourite?

Hot Dog: My favourite class is literature class because I love to read books. So do you hate school?

Ginger: I don’t hate school. I feel our school is a good place to make new friends but I wish we were allowed to wear jewelry or heels with the clothes we wear to school everyday.

Hot Dog:…well, I like that we don’t have to wear a uniform to school. I know you have to do that in many schools in England.

Ginger: Yeah, it would be the worst thing in the world if we had to wear uniforms. You know, some of our classmates think I am really stupid because I hate to to read. But I don’t care they think that about me because I can’t help the way I am.

Hot Dog: Are you friends with them?

Ginger: No. I think they are total losers! Once when I was in the cafeteria in our school, I overheard them discussing meeting up after school to solve mathematical equations for fun, not homework…honestly, only losers could think solving those things are fun!

The Portraits

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Miss Paige’s students are looking at portrait paintings hung on the wall of an art gallery. The portraits each show a different kind of person, such as a dancer, a queen and a potter.

Holly: I love this portrait of a supermodel. The woman looks so nice with green makeup on her lips. I also like the gold…

Fat Pig (interrupts): I am sorry but were you sharing something ridiculously boring with me again?

Charles, who was standing close to Fat Pig and Holly plus looking at a portrait of a baker, overhears the conversation and sniggers at Holly which makes Fat Pig very happy. Behind him, Peanut lies down on the floor and begins to write his notes.

Jack (points at a portrait): Do you like this painting of a poet? I love this painting Hot Dog. I love the poem the poet is writing too. I can make out that it is a poem about a beautiful flower.

Hot Dog: Yeah, I like it. I think my favorite portrait is the one right next to it. I like the costume the showgirl is wearing in the portrait. It is so magnificent.

Jack: How are your notes coming along?

Hot Dog: I have recorded how many paintings we have seen so far and what the paintings were of. I don’t think I will have any trouble writing my report when I get back home.

Jack: That’s brilliant! I am just hoping I will understand my notes once I go back home. My handwriting is nearly illegible because I have had to write very fast today.

The London Gallery of Portraits

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Hot Dog is standing next to a statue of a knight and a horse. The statue is situated outside an art gallery called The London Gallery of Portraits. Around her, some of her classmates are either shuffling items in their backpacks or occasionally yawning very loudly.

Miss Paige: I am going to now open the door and go inside the gallery. All of you follow me and remember to stay with the group. Do not wander off anywhere on your own. If you want to ask me anything during the trip, then you can do that, but please remember to speak in a hushed voice when you do that.

Fat Pig: Miss Paige, when can we have lunch?

Miss Paige: You cannot have lunch today until it is twelve in the afternoon.

Fat Pig (gapes): But I ate only two bowls of cereal this morning! How am I going to wait that long without food?

Holly:…I think you will be fine.

Hot Dog: I am a little worried over how long we have to stand today to look at paintings.

Peanut: Oh! That is something to worry about! You should take a break from standing after every hour by sitting down on your backpack. I know am going to lie down on the floor of the art gallery and write my notes after standing for more than thirty minutes.