Four Lovers in Vienna

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It is 7 o’clock in the evening. Whale is watching a soap opera on television; the soap opera is called Four Lovers in Vienna.

Hot Dog: What is the soap opera about, Whale?

Whale: It is about four couples and the challenges which they experience in life and their relationships.

Hot Dog: What kind of challenges?

Whale: Many kinds! In today’s episode, for example, one of the couples – Cedric and Blaire, are talking to each other about eloping because their parents are against their relationship.

Hot Dog: Why?

Whale: Because Cedric is from a well-to-do middle class family and Blaire is a working class girl who is employed by Cedric’s mother as a maid. Both their parents think that it would be best if they were in a relationship with somebody from their respective classes instead.

Hot Dog: Oh no!

Whale: Yes! Horrible, isn’t it?

Hot Dog: Yes, it is! So, how did Cedric and Blaire fall in love?

Whale: After Blaire worked in the house which Cedric lived in for four years, he began noticing that she is a very good maid. So, post that, Cedric began spending time with Blaire every evening and soon after that, the two developed feelings for each other and thus, started dating.


Food and a Letter

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Jack, Hot Dog and Moo are sitting at a table which is located next to a sculpture of a fairy, with the foods they have ordered. They wanted to sit next to Arthur but some of their classmates were already occupying the tables located close to him.

Jack: Hot Dog, why did you only order a paper packet of barbecued ribs and a glass of orange juice? That’s not enough food!
Hot Dog: It is for me! I like that you got a hamburger!
Jack: Yeah? I think out of all the foods I ordered for myself, the pizza is my favourite; it’s a tomato and beef pizza.
Moo: The pizza which I ordered with my hamburger and sandwich is very exotic – it’s topped with olives, cheese and curry-flavoured chicken slices.
Jack: Wow!
Moo: Mm-hmm!
Hot Dog: It sounds very tasty!

Meanwhile, at Mr. Brown’s house, Fat Pig is busy writing a small letter.

Dear Auntie Ashley

I am having the worst day of my life. I had an argument with Mr. Brown and now I feel scared to live with him. Can you please come visit me soon? I will feel better if you come and stay with me for some weeks. Also, if you help me, I can get myself back in his favour once again.


Fat Pig

Fat Pig (thinks to himself): I must post this letter after school tomorrow! I hope I could convince her to come live with me!

The Letter

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Fat Pig is going through a bunch of items which he has kept inside a big green-coloured box. He is looking for a letter which he received from a relative recently; he often loves to read the letter. After looking for over five minutes, Fat Pig finds it and begins to read it once more. The letter states,

Dear Fat Pig,

It has been a while since we last heard from each other. I was happy to learn that you have collected many stamps. I would love to know what else you do whole day. I hope you like the strawberry pies I made especially for you and sent with this letter.

Please write to me frequently. I haven’t yet gotten married to the man I love and so, I do not often stay very busy. I also live in a really lousy neighbourhood, where I have to make adjustments with a lot of people, even though I do not like the way they lead their lives. If you write to me often, I will have somebody to share stories with and that would make me very happy.


Your Auntie Ashley

Fat Pig (thinks to himself): I better write a letter to her about the argument which I had with Mr. Brown. I am sure I will feel a lot better after doing that!

Fat Pig Quarrels with Mr. Brown

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It is late in the afternoon. Mr. Brown is mowing his lawn. Fat Pig, meanwhile, is lying in bed and trying to take a nap but having very little success with it because he is too busy crying over being unable to go to Arthur’s party.

Fat Pig (crying and thinking to himself): I hate Mr. Brown! I still can’t believe I couldn’t go to the party my friends went to because of what I did to his frying pan! I should have never been punished this much for something so stupid!

Forty minutes later, Mr. Brown knocks on Fat Pig’s door.

Fat Pig: Come in!
Mr. Brown: Did you eat your lunch?
Fat Pig: Yes!
Mr. Brown: I just finished mowing my lawn! I will be gone for a few hours to spend time with some of my friends! So,…
Fat Pig: Why are you telling me all that? Do you think I want to know what you do whole day?
Mr. Brown: Don’t talk to me like that!
Fat Pig: Then how should I talk to you when you did not let me go the party my friends went to?
Mr. Brown: You will talk to me nicely!
Fat Pig: I will do no such thing! Now, please leave and let me sleep!
Mr. Brown (shouts): Fat Pig, I will not have you living under my roof if you misbehave with me in this way!
Fat Pig: Is that supposed to be a threat?
Mr. Brown: No! But you must change your behaviour soon! Fat Pig, you should never misbehave with me like this when you did something wrong! Don’t act like you don’t know all that! Oh! I don’t even know just what I am bringing up anymore!

Arthur’s Party

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Inside Patch No. 10, Arthur is sitting at a square-shaped table with four of his friends. On the table, there are plenty of food, like apple pies, fried duck sandwiches plus spicy ham rolls, and some of them are half-eaten.

Hot Dog: So, um, Arthur, what is the party for?
Arthur: Oh! The party is for a general knowledge contest called A Giant Race To The Finish Line which I just won! I even received a trophy for it.
Moo: Did you represent our school there?
Arthur: Yes, I did! There were twenty other participants from twenty different schools there too and in the end, they all lost to me.
Jack: What did the principal say when he heard that?
Arthur: He said ‘Congratulations! I must remember to take a photo of you holding your trophy!’
Hot Dog: Wow! Are you liking the food over here?
Arthur: I am! You should get the spicy ham rolls – they taste sweet and salty instead of spicy but I still find them really tasty.

Inside Patch No. 10

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Whale has dropped off Hot Dog at a restaurant called Patch No. 10 where her friend Arthur is hosting a party. Two of her friends, Moo and Jack, are also attending the party. The restaurant has green-colored chairs plus white-colored tables and occasionally, golden-colored sculptures of fairies dot the place; for Arthur’s party, the restaurant’s windows have been decorated with flowers as well.

Hot Dog: Where is Arthur?
Moo: He is ordering some food at the counter. Where is Fat Pig?
Hot Dog: Fat Pig could not come to the party. He told me in school today that Mr. Brown won’t pay for him to have a meal here.
Jack: I can’t believe I’m hearing this!
Moo: Why wouldn’t Mr. Brown pay? The food you get here isn’t expensive!
Hot Dog: I think Mr. Brown felt it was expensive. Whale told me that a meal of three cheese and egg sandwiches and a cup of soda here costs around $4.
Jack (gaping): How does Whale know that?
Hot Dog: He looked it up over the internet!

The Invitation

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Jack, Hot Dog and Fat Pig are standing together in a corner of their classroom and reading their copy of an invitation which has been printed on a pink-colored card. The invitation states,

Let me introduce myself: I am Arthur. You might already know me…I sit behind Bryan and last year, I had come third in class. Tomorrow, I am throwing a party at a restaurant called ‘Patch No. 10’ which is located really close to where I live. I wanted to invite you to it. Be there! It will be fun!
Love, Arthur

Hot Dog: Do either of you know him?
Jack and Fat Pig (together): No!
Hot Dog: Do you think we should go to this party he has thrown?
Fat Pig: I want to!
Jack: I am not sure. I don’t want to exchange an evening spent sleeping with homework for some party.
Fat Pig: Oh! Come on!
Hot Dog: Do you think the food at the restaurant will be expensive?
Fat Pig: No idea! But I hope a matter like that doesn’t stand in the way of me going to the party because if it does then I am going to get really angry.