Hip Hop Home: Bunny Decor

Hip Hop Home: Bunny Decor



A Library By The Beach

The reading room: chocolate-colored interiors.

The Bohai Sea in China is also home to the Seashore Library, which is situated in the nation’s Nandaihe beach and is a feat of modern design, The library is the perfect embodiment of what exactly is an ideal reading space, not least for it’s perfect beachside location. The library boasts a reading space, a bar, a resting spot and other facilities, which do more than its fair share of complimenting the ocean and everything it has to offer, from noisy waves to changing skies. The reading room, for one, actually offers a panoramic view of the ocean also from an elevated point and the choice of wood for both the bookshelves and the seating space comes in a pleasant chocolate-shade; the atmospheric feeling (of the library) is certainly one of pure serenity and absolute beauty.

Bohemian Dream: Moroccan Decor

Bohemian Dream: Moroccan Decor


Into the Woods: Cozy Cabin

Into the Woods: Cozy Cabin


Home Sweet Home: My Happy Place

Home Sweet Home: My Happy Place


Floor lamp
$235 – habitat.co.uk

$645 – habitat.co.uk

Plush throw pillow

$590 – habitat.co.uk

$125 – habitat.co.uk

House by John Lewis Oliver Snuggler
$850 – johnlewis.com

Richard Nixon by John Farrell | Waterstones
$6.54 – waterstones.com

Curl Up: Reading Nook

Curl Up: Reading Nook