Whale Has A New Neighbour

The Rice Effect

Jack and Hot Dog are spending Valentine’s Day together by watching Mary Poppins. It’s a beloved classic to Hot Dog. This is the first time Jack is watching it and he is absolutely hooked onto the children’s masterpiece. In the middle of it, Whale suddenly arrives with a friend, as they are watching the movie on television.

Whale: Baby, meet Moti Pasteur! He’s our new neighbour.

Hot Dog: Hello!!! You now live in the house, the right of us?

Moti Pasteur: Yes! I am very excited to be moving from New Delhi. So, exciting to have sailed here!

Jack: Woooooooahhhhhhhhh! How come?

Moti Pasteur: I am going to work here now, that’s how come!

Whale: How interesting, isn’t it Dog?…Where is your banana-leaf loving friend?

Moti Pasteur: You mean Moja Bleu?…I think he left for the local supermarket to get some rice for our dinner tonight, a couple of hours ago!…He is so slow, that one!


Yellowstone Park – The Muffins

Yogi Bear & The Picnic Basket

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are unpacking their bags at the lodge, where Park Ranger John Smith is helping out!
Park Ranger John Smith: So, Hot Dog this is your area of the lodge! I’ll help you out with all of the necessary documents a little later…
Hot Dog: Alright! Cheers!
Fat Pig & Jack: Thank you!!!
Park Ranger John Smith: That’s alright! Hot Dog I’ll need your biology report in the evening today!
Hot Dog: Yeah, I know!!! I’ll revise & give it to you!
Park Ranger John Smith: Alright! Peace Red Bear!!!
Fat Pig:………look at all these kids! How many do you think are in this floor of the wooden hut?
Jack: I think about 22!
Fat Pig: Look how fat that dog is…he’s eating 6 muffins all at once!
Jack: How is that teaching him anything at camp?
Hot Dog:……..have you seen Fang? My pet was on my bed!
Fat Pig:…….yeah, here she is………….biting that fat dog’s butt!

Yellowstone Park – The Decision

How To Be A Baby Biologist @ Yellowstone Park

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are still on the gray boulder, trying to grapple with the idea of what to do about lodges.

Hot Dog: I tried to become Baby Park Ranger but I cannot until next year because all the junior kids have already filled up the positions as Baby Park Rangers.

Jack: Really? How awful!

Fat Pig: I know! She has been wanting to become a Baby Park Ranger for some time now. Why didn’t you get on that programme before?

Hot Dog: I could not! I only found out about that properly this term in school! So, when I asked to become one after finding out, one of the juniors who is a Baby Park Ranger or Park Ranger Star I cannot remember, told me that it’s not possible until next year because kids are already on those positions for this year!

Jack: You know, we could like assist around the lodges and live there too if we could have become one!

Fat Pig: Yeah, but our juniors are doing all of those jobs now!

Hot Dog: Who cares? I just need to think about the assignments we have for the camping trip now РI still do not know what to do about that nature report. If all things go great, I think I will get an A+ in it and then for our regular camping trips, I can become a Baby Biologist for Yellowstone Park!

Yellowstone Park – The Conversation

The Conversation @ Yellowstone Park

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are sitting on a gray boulder and discussing about lodges, while the rest of the kids prepeare for their life at the camping lodges.

Fat Pig: So, basically what has happened is that all our mates are already in separate arrangements, so we cannot live with them during the trip! But what are we going to tell all of our Dads?

Jack: We will just tell them that John Smith told us to find our own separate accomodation because that is the new rule!

Fat Pig: I am pretty sure they stated they make exceptions for students, during the briefing back at our school before the trip, provided we outline why!

Jack: Yes, but I asked John Smith and he has stated that that was all before! The rules have all been changed now! Even if we outline that our Dads won’t like the idea of having to live with a family or a group of kids, because we can only afford to rent a room, there is no way that that can be changed anymore!

Fat Pig: Yeah, too many new students enrol at our school now! So, it’s not possible anymore + the rules have been changed!

Hot Dog: Why don’t we go ask John Smith for help with it because I really think we should? I had put my name down for the lodge last year but there was a confusion over the forms and my room went to some other kid – I am guessing a junior!

Fat Pig: What you can like hold it?

Hot Dog: Yeah, there are three huge lodges! In the third one, you can where I was last year during my camping trip to Yellowstone Park!

Jack: I cannot believe we cannot stay in the lodges!

Hot Dog: Better get excited for alternative accomodation then because that is like what everyone wants!


Yellowstone Park Trip – The Lodge

The Camping Trip @ Yellowstone Park

Hot Dog, Jack and Fat Pig are at Yellowstone Park for a camping trip. They wrapped up their Bloomsbury Books visit and now it is time for their regular camp activities. All of the students from Fox are gathered at the park on their first day of the long trip.

Park Ranger John Smith: Good morning students!

All Students: (in union) Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!

Park Ranger John Smith: I have a very exciting announcement to make. I know all of you are really tired from the long bus trip but we will be showing you to your lodges, right away. Seniors please give me your group names for arranging separate accomodation, and juniors please follow me to the lodges!

Fat Pig: WHAT?!?! We don’t get to live in the lodges?

Park Ranger John Smith: No! That is just for the junior kids! The seniors must take up responsibility that they are seniors and thus find their own accomodation, in Yellowstone Park!

Jack: But I want to live in the lodge!!!

Park Ranger John Smith: Well, you can’t! That is just for juniors!

Hot Dog: Better go discuss amongst ourselves then to find another place! I don’t think any of our mates are available aside from the three of us in the same boat because I knew they were living around Yellowstone Park during the trip!

Fat Pig: (looking at a curious young kid listening in on the conversation)…………naturally, we are talking about our classmates! We don’t really speak to juniors!

Tea and Lentils

Take out the tube lights to fight…#StarWars pals loves lightsabers! xx

Bloomsbury has opened it’s doors to a school visit from Fox Primary School. Jack, Hot Dog and Fat Pig are standing together in a group of overeager children excited about the trip.

Fat Pig: (eating candy) This is worse than being inside Charlie’s Chocolate Factory!

Jack: (eating Pringles) I know! Would you believe it if I thought their collection of published books on the Middle East is hiding in a secret chamber in this Bloomsbury?

Hot Dog: (eating crispy seaweed) I just hope we get free books as presents! We took time out of our lives amidst sleeping in Teacher Wheezy’s history lessons to be here!

Fat Pig: I know! At least some Bloomsbury chocolate gold coins…

Jack: How about a translated edition of that book with the picture of a taxi on the cover? That would be such a good parting present…for now!

Hot Dog: Anything will do, so long as it’s a present!

Whale pops by for a visit then…

Whale: Here you go, puppy! It’s a vintage Romeo & Juliet!

Hot Dog: Your not Bloomsbury!!!!!!

Whale: But it’s from Penguin?

Hot Dog: It’s used!

Whale: I used it only once in school!

Hot Dog: Tonight you will only be drinking tea for dinner…55 teacups of them!

Whale:…wot? But I wanted sausages and mash?

Hot Dog:That’s my dinner, not yours!

Whale: Oh yeah? I will make my own dinner then!

How Dog: How? The only recipes you know are for tea and lentil soups. How tasty!





The Sound Of Maths

Time for cupcake treats…

Hot Dog, Fat Pig and Jack are hanging out together at the fort because it’s their day off from school – they have no classes today but plenty of homework to do.
Fat Pig: So the sum of 2 + 2 is 0.
Jack: No that’s 4.
Hot Dog: Yeah, what you did was subtraction!
Jack: I have the perfect idea for the play…I just wanted to increase Juliet’s presence more in the play with the gold-loving dog!
Hot Dog: No Romeo does not belong with Rosaline! It’s not like it’s Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew that the male protagonist fell in love with an arrogant, snobby and evil girl and somehow miraculously she consented to the marriage after like making fun of him and his affections, all her life!
Fat Pig: That is my favourite story in the whole world! I love how she beeees evil in her attitude towards the guy!
Jack:…….you are making it impossible for me to end the story, you really are! I must now go back to the drawing board and do what Shakespeare could not do…
Hot Dog: What are you saying, you are Shakespeare?
Jack: Nope, maybe be another Hemingway!
Fat Pig: Yeah, like how Hot Dog is a mini-Einstein!


Whale and Bart are busy working at the office today. They are busy reviewing the latest scientific publications.
Bart: Why is it so noisy today?
Whale: Random House is having construction works going on to build it’s new Shakespeare annex!
Bart: (yells) Tim!!! Tell them to pipe down!..
Tim: Yes, Miss!!!!!!
Bart: Tim is the new janitor!
Whale: Yeah! I can’t believe I’m going to do the cover for the new Albert Einstein book! He’s great!
Bart: I know! E = mc (square) isn’t even hard! Everyone found it so tremendously challenging but it really wasn’t. And I did that in my A-Levels!
Whale:……..you wot?
Bart: I did E = mc (square) in my A-Levels because I did EDEXCEL all my school life!…The kids who did Cambridge treated it like it was so basic like learning about what is an element and what is a compound, whilst doing semi-advanced Chemistry!
Whale: They would! Most of them go to uni, like to Oxbridge and don’t know what is India, except that it’s a country filled with poor people!