Buttery Grilled Corn

Fantastic Grilled Corn
Grilled corn

Buttery grilled corn is a good dish to make and eat during the summer: if the sun is out, then you can make it right in your backyard and it is also a healthy (but tasty) option for a snack. The ingredients which you will require to make buttery grilled corn are as follows: four corns, butter, salt, pepper and some sprigs of thyme.

Firstly, melt the butter (over some heat) in a cooking pot. Secondly, chop the sprigs of thyme. Thirdly, take a small bowl, add to it salt, pepper, the chopped thyme, the melted butter plus some water; use a teaspoon to make a thick mixture and then keep the bowl aside. Thirdly, place the corns on a hot grill; grill the corns until each corn is charred in places. Finally, use a pastry brush to apply the buttery mix all around each corn and then serve the corns hot.


Cucumber and Mint Water

Cucumber slices.

Cucumber and mint water is a very refreshing drink to have during a heatwave; it is also a great option (for a drink) if you need to cut down on calories. The ingredients which you will require to make cucumber and mint water are as follows: two cucumbers, two lemons, four mint leaves, one chili and one ginger.

Firstly, peel the cucumbers and the ginger. Secondly, slice both the cucumbers into circular shapes. Thirdly, slice the lemons into circular shapes. Fourthly, dice the chili. Fifthly, take a grater and grate the ginger. Finally, take a large pitcher of iced water and add the slices of cucumber to it with the chili, ginger and mint leaves; mix really well with a spoon and after twenty minutes, serve the cucumber and mint water.

Carrot Burgers

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Veg burger.

Carrot burgers are healthy alternatives to meat burgers; they are great options when you have to cut down on calories. The ingredients which you require to make carrot burgers are as follows: two burger buns, five carrots, two onions, four lettuce leaves, one egg, store-bought sour cream (for example: Prairie Farms Farmer Owned All Natural Sour Cream), a packet of breadcrumbs (for example: Progresso Plain Bread Crumbs), salt and pepper.

Firstly, use a grater to grate the carrots. Secondly, slice the onions plus prepare the buns: divide the sliced onions into two portions and add each portion with two lettuce leaves to one burger bun; also spread some sour cream inside each bun. Thirdly, use a food processor to make a mash out of the grated carrots and mix the mash with the egg, breadcrumbs, salt plus pepper. Fourthly, make two circle-shaped burgers out of the mix. Fifthly, heat up some cooking oil in a frying pan and fry the burgers on both sides until they are golden in color. Finally, place one burger in each bun and serve the burgers hot.

The Minimalist Office Table

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How to decorate a minimalist office table

This summer, get a minimalist table for your home office and decorate it artfully with a sculpture, a few colorful jars and strongly-colored bookends.

House of Finn Juhl Nyhavn Table & Tray Unit at Nest
This desk was designed by Finn Juhl – a Danish architect plus industrial designer who had studied architecture and furnished the United Nations building (in New York). The table borrows its name from Juhl’s very first studio in the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen. The desk is minimalist in design with its dark tabletop and slim black plus brown legs; the desk also has a very nice removable drawer cabinet: the drawer cabinet features colors such as bright yellow and orange and is encased inside a wooden box.

Fornasetti Serratura Bookends (Red) at Amara
These bookends feature a black and white sketch of Lina Cavalieri looking through a red keyhole; Cavalieri was a late 18th century Italian opera singer who was famously regarded as a beautiful woman and she was Piero Fornasetti’s dearest inspiration – house your favorite books to refer to (on the desk) with these bookends.

Pols Potten Caps & Jars at Amara
This set includes three jars in colors such as green; each jar also comes with a different colored cap – use the jars to store stationery items such as pencils, erasers and sharpeners on the office table.

John Lewis & Partners Stacking Animal Menagerie Sculpture (Antique Bronze) at John Lewis
This bronze sculpture depicts an animal menagerie; it features four different types of animals: a giraffe, a zebra, a monkey and an elephant – beautify the table so with it, if you love animals.


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The best poufs to get

This season, colorful poufs feature among the best poufs in the market; bring one home today – it will add an exotic element to your house.

Floral Fantasy Pouf at Kristi Kohut Studio
This pouf features a very colorful print: the print includes flowers in shades such as orange and blue, leaves in various shades of green plus butterflies – add the pouf to your bedroom.

Missoni Home Wight Pouf at Amara
This pouf has been printed with an abstract impression of a flower. It also has blood red fringes on the edges plus features colors such as yellow and oxblood – add the pouf to your study.

Worlds Away Whimsical Small Pouf With Brass Feet – Mongolian Fur at Scenario Home
This pouf has a hairy white top and golden brass feet – add the pouf to your sitting room.

Lorna Pouf at Joss & Main
This pouf features flowers in shades such as red and orange plus a blue elephant – add the pouf to your hallway.

Summer Salad


A summer salad is very easy to make. It is also a very healthy and colorful dish. The ingredients which you will require to make summer salad are as follows: three tomatoes, one cucumber, one papaya, one carrot, two green-colored bell peppers, one green chili, two onions, a packet of cut up cheddar cheese (for example: Crystal Farms Shredded Cheddar Cheese), salt and pepper.

Firstly, chop the cucumber, carrot, green chili, tomatoes and onions. Secondly, cut the papaya and take out only the flesh of the fruit; cut the flesh in small slices and keep one-third of it in the refrigerator to eat later. Thirdly, take a plate and add the remaining papaya to it, along with the cucumber, carrot, green chili, tomatoes and onions. Fourthly, add salt, pepper plus olive oil to the salad; mix all the ingredients together properly. Serve the summer salad topped with a generous amount of cut up cheddar cheese.

Barbecue Sauce

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Barbecue sauce is very easy to make and if you use it as an accompaniment for a bland dish, for example: steamed fish, during a main meal, then the dish will taste much better. The ingredients which are required to make barbecue sauce are as follows: two cups of diced tomatoes, three tsp of red chili powder, three tsp of olive oil, four tsp of vinegar, three tsp of brown sugar and three tsp of store-bought Worcestershire sauce (for example: Annie’s Organic Worcestershire Sauce). At first, add all the ingredients and some water to a cooking pot. Then cook all the ingredients together until they have turned into a thick mixture; serve the sauce with cooked meat.