Hoisin Chicken Wraps

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How to make tortilla wraps filled with hoisin-sauce-flavored chicken

Hoisin chicken wraps are perfect to eat for both lunch and dinner. The ingredients which you will require to make them are as follows: chicken (sliced into thin strips), salt, pepper, squashed ginger and garlic, cooking oil, hoisin sauce (for example: Life Hoisin Sauce), four tortillas (for example: from an ‘Old El Paso Restaurant Grande Shells’ pack), nine spring onions and lettuce.

Firstly, take a frying pan and add cooking oil to it; let the oil heat up. Secondly, mix the chicken strips with salt, pepper, garlic and ginger; also, dice the spring onions and keep it aside in a bowl. When the oil in the frying pan has heated up, add the chickens to it and cook well; when the chicken has been thoroughly cooked, add hoisin sauce and deep fry. Finally, spread a lettuce leaf over a tortilla and add some of the diced spring onions plus a few of the chicken strips to it and make a wrap. Serve the dish warm.


Baked Bean Sandwich

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How to make a baked bean sandwich

Making a baked bean sandwich is one of the easiest things in the world. Also, a baked bean sandwich can be made really fast and is perfect to eat both as a snack between meals or for breakfast. The ingredients which you require to make the sandwich are: slices of white bread, butter, cheese slices and a can of baked beans, such as Bush’s Best Chili Beans Black Beans (Mild Chili Sauce). Firstly, take two slices of white bread and place them inside a toaster to toast them both. Secondly, after the slices of bread have been toasted, butter one side of both the two slices. Thirdly, add two cheese slices to both the toasted bread slices. And finally, top one of the slices with a generous helping of baked beans, place the other slice on top of this slice and press gently with your hand. Serve the sandwich hot.

Life Experiences vs. Reading

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Does a person learn more from life experiences or from reading?

In my outlook, a person cannot learn a lot from life experiences because there is a big limit to how many experiences a person can have for them to learn all that they need from; however, a lot can be learnt from reading. For example: let’s say a woman’s experiences regarding many of her friends getting divorced has taught her a little bit about how to handle episodes like that and suddenly her life requires her to make a sour dish, like pickles but she is somebody who has never had any experience in that? For moments like that, an appetite for reading and for gaining knowledge is what is necessary – it will easily get a person out of any sticky situation. And the greater that a person’s appetite is for reading, the more that they will learn and know – not just about tackling life and society in general, but also about many interesting topics in the world, such as science and history.

A European summer vs. an Indian summer

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The best summer is always a summer that is never big on humidity.

In my outlook, the best summer is one which is not unbearably hot. Also, a summer that has less humidity is better than one which does not. When a nation has a tropical climate, it means that its weather will unexpectedly turn cooler, despite the fact that that type of climate is associated with hotness; in my book, that cooling characteristic of a tropical climate makes it a great type of weather. So, the idea of having humidity around during the hottest season of the year is less than ideal when a tropical climate can mean cooler weather. As a result, the best summer, I think, is always a European summer because it typically has those qualities which make it great: less humidity than an Indian summer and the weather also does not turn into one of the ultimate hottest in the world.

The Rich and the Poor

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Why the rich should always help the poor

Poor people are weak and innocent people who deserve better lives than the miserable ones they are born into. Their misfortunes could be the result of a myriad of reasons, such as unemployment, illiteracy and so on. But how can a person positively impact the lives of the poor? In my outlook, a rich or a successful person should always aim to serve the poor; they should always find ways to do good for them – that is one way. Whether it is through tiny gestures, such as regular small donations of money, or big gestures, such as always being on the lookout to influence government and important organizations to aid the poor, a person who holds the capacity to make a positive change in the lives of the poor, or those less well-off than them, should do so. The poor deserve that kind of regular support to rise from poverty.

Do Women Read More Than Men?

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In four words: No they do not.

Boys tend to drop out from school more or go to college less than girls – it begs the question of how interested in reading as a gender can boys really be then? Common sense will probably let you know in three words: not a lot. However, it is really hard to characterize reading as primarily a female behavior when men, not women, read blogs more. In my outlook, it is easier to catch the attention of a male reader if the subject is the type that they are more likely to read, such as sex, lifestyle and travel; men also read more non-fiction than women.

Nontraditional Party Foods

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Is it a good idea to serve a nontraditional party food to your guests?

The food that is served at a party is very important: it can make a party very successful or a total failure. But if you are throwing a party over the weekend and you do not have time to cook for it, then what to do? Switch the traditions of making a grand feast for the party with food that does not even require cooking and is yet, very tasty and something that you have whipped up yourself, such as a ham sandwich or a Caesar salad. If your guests seem puzzled at why you are serving something so basic, then just tell them that it is good to sometimes break with tradition and try out something different.