Nontraditional Party Foods

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Is it a good idea to serve a nontraditional party food to your guests?

The food that is served at a party is very important: it can make a party very successful or a total failure. But if you are throwing a party over the weekend and you do not have time to cook for it, then what to do? Switch the traditions of making a grand feast for the party with food that does not even require cooking and is yet, very tasty and something that you have whipped up yourself, such as a ham sandwich or a Caesar salad. If your guests seem puzzled at why you are serving something so basic, then just tell them that it is good to sometimes break with tradition and try out something different.


A Stranger’s Party

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What to do if you have to be at a stranger’s party

A party propping up in your social calendar which you would rather not go to is not an amusing thing. But such a party can prop up unexpectedly in your calendar if a friend invites you to a party where you will know nobody, except for him (or her). It could rid you with anxiety over how to deal with such a situation because you are supposed to go to a stranger’s party and the party could very easily be obnoxious and not a great match for you.

An example of this kind of a party is: let’s say, your best friend has a big party in his social calendar coming up that is thrown by his boss, and your friend has asked you to accompany him to it but you know nobody there, except for him. What I would do if faced with such a scenario is ask my best friend to provide more details on the party: the avenue, the kind of people that will be going to it, the food that will be served, etc. so that I can make a decision over whether or not I should take time out of my busy life to accompany him to the party.

What could happen if you go into this type of party totally clueless about what it might be like is that the party could turn out to be a bad match and you might end up not enjoying yourself at all. If it appears that the party is going to be a bad match for you, then you must let your friend know before the day arrives that you cannot be at the party. Then, to not disappoint him (or her), pick an alternate idea or another day of the week for the two of you to get together separately and have fun, if your friend desperately has to go to this party, even though you aren’t. You must also provide a reason why you turned your friend’s offer down – in that case, just be truthful with them and say that it is looking as if the party is going to be one that you will not enjoy.


Anthropologie x Farrow & Ball

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A new collaboration supplies a great range of colors for your walls

Anthropologie has partnered with the British paint brand: Farrow & Ball, and released more than 100 color shades for your walls. And that’s not all: the colors come with various finishes too, such as a glossy one. My picks of the hottest colors from the new collection:

Pointing: It’s a basic white color that can turn a cheap home into an inviting one. Choose the ‘Estate Emulsion’ finish for a chalky effect on your walls.

Railings: The dark color can be utilized in the dining area to add an upscale feel to the room (note: carefully chosen dining room furniture and accessories in lighter shades are required to complete the look); choose the ‘Modern Emulsion’ finish.

Dead Salmon: It is a very boring color but it can be used in highly-functional areas of the house, where a relaxed feel is also required to act as a good contrast; pick the ‘Estate Eggshell’ finish.

Vardo: The name of the paint is borrowed from what you call a gypsy van. The color is not as exotic however, and can be used in a multipurpose fashion if you like to have dark interiors – choose the ‘Estate Eggshell’ finish because it will protect the paint from stains.

Yellowcake: The color is just too uncomfortably bright but it can be used to paint the insides of cabinets for whichever room that requires them – for that, choose the ‘Modern Eggshell’ finish.

Card Room Green: The rich green color can be used for a contemporary game room or to make a very colorful attic; choose the ‘Full Gloss’ finish to add luster to the walls and make the space look inviting.


Bad Choices and Friendship

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When a friend makes a choice which makes you unhappy, then what happens to the friendship?

A friend must always be an understanding person. But what happens when your friend makes a decision in life which does not make you happy? Does it then test how understanding your friend can be with you?

A moment like that is definitely tricky because there is a clash between characters: let’s say, a female friend has gotten intimate with a man that you do not like the sound of but she firmly thinks that he might be the one for her – in a situation like that, what I would do is bluntly express to my friend that I would like to hear as less about this man as I possibly could without obviously hurting my friend’s feelings; I think that it would be the best that I could do because I really don’t like this man but my friend shares such an important relationship with him and my friend is important to me.

In a friendship, what is required is respecting and admiring each other for who they are and what they are like. Also, if this person really is your friend, there is no reason for them to change their mind over being an understanding person with you only because you do not like something they have done – you have full right to be unhappy sometimes with what they do because there is a perfectly good reason for it. If a misunderstanding does form, then one must take the responsibility to clear it in the very earliest for the friendship to remain solid for forever.

The Clash with National Identity

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What to do when somebody you know really well is confused over their national identity

When a person’s identity becomes a thing of confusion to you because of their conflicting words, then you immediately lose all respect for them. An example of this scenario would be: let’s say, people are talking at length with you about the country they are from and how great it is there but as you keep listening to them you begin to quietly realize that they are not familiar with the ways of the country they claim to be from because that place is one of your favorite holiday destinations in the world. When a person’s core values rather obviously clash with their country’s core values then it begs this question: can that person typically be from that country? The answer to that should be no; they should typically be from a country whose values match theirs and they should really be upfront about that.

Why not actually say that you do not feel at home where you were born because life can be fraught with challenges. But it’s hard to expect chances of that happening when you know them but they just open their mouth and begin to lie. It is probably to hide the conflict with identity they experience because of possible reasons such as embarrassment, humiliation and so on. It is so hard to trust people like that the next time that they open their mouth about the experiences they regularly have in their country. The best that one can do in moments like that is just listen attentively, be assertive over your experiences with the country yourself (if you don’t, then just read and prep yourself for next time!) with a smile plastered across your face and also nod to show that you are indeed happy to have this conversation with them because you know them so well.

The Irritating Qualities Of A Bad Parent

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How to figure out if you have a bad parent

One of the worst possible family environments an individual can have is when either one of their parents, or both, are really bad parents. Just imagine the humiliation that a person has to suffer in front of their friends or all the people in life they are acquainted with, when they have obnoxious parents to present. There is not a lot that a person can do in such circumstances when their parents fail miserably at parenting, except be brave enough to constantly assert themselves and their outlooks. If you have a parent who displays any of these following qualities in their character, then chances are that you are a person with a bad parent:

  • Your parent interrupts you when you are talking
  • Your parent is always in a bad mood in front of you (and your friends) and just never cares over it, even when you point it out
  • Your parent must interfere in your life to inspect every life choice that you make, only because they know so many parents whose children grew up and turned into rotten people
  • Your parent must always argue that they are right over the most unimportant of topics, such as toys and cheese, even though they barely finished middle school and you hold a top job
  • Your parent constantly creates a gloomy atmosphere at home because they just cannot handle this or that problem but they have still land themselves into such a type of problem
  • Your parent is clingy
  • Your parent thinks they really get you

Why The Idea Chores Of Isn’t Always Inviting

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Chores come across as this very boring type of task, which almost always makes you want to choose not to pursue it at all

The idea of having to do chores all day, at least to me, sounds like a day that is out on the ruin. Seriously, what can be so interesting about cleaning the table and the nooks and crannies of my wardrobe? Drinking copious amounts of lemonade in the heat sounds so much more inviting. Although, you are taught to do chores at a very young age, it does not mean that chores immediately look like something very interesting to do.

Chores are actually necessary for an individual to carry out in order to properly upkeep their room (and their home) and the sooner you can manage to realize that in the midst of having to deal with how laborious of an activity chores sounds like, the better it is for you and your lifestyle. Chores such as doing the dishes, the laundry and tidying up sound the absolute worst, unlike cooking, which out of all chores is probably my favorite because I am such a foodie; ideas that could really help deal with the thought of an entire day of chores are as follows: good music, daydreaming, memories of fun times with friends and thinking about the state of the world.