Gay Sex in India

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Gay people in India will no longer be ill-treated for something they can engage in closed quarters

The Supreme Court in India recently took the decision that gay sex is no longer going to be considered a criminal offence in the country. The Court also decided that if people wrong others because of their sexual orientation then it will mean that those people are not respecting certain basic rights which belong to gay people.

When the British still used to rule India, it had introduced a law. This was in 1861 and that was more than 150 years ago. The law had aimed to work against homosexuals because it had made it possible to maltreat a man or a woman if he or she was found to have had sex with a member of the same sex.

Only recently did that law see an exchange with the existence of a much more relaxed frame of mind towards homosexuals instead. The episode is begging the question of if such laws which still exist today in some other former British colonies will be subjected to similar exchanges in the future.

It is important to note that sex between gay people is still illegal in some of the countries which used to be ruled by the British, such as Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Qatar and Barbados, which in my outlook demonstrates a largely reserved standpoint over the subject. So, the decision taken by the Supreme Court in India can be regarded as a sign of monumental change towards how the subject plus that of ‘gay people and their rights’ are perceived in contemporary society.

Many Indian celebrities, for example: Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar, Kriti Sanon and Aamir Khan welcomed this change in attitude towards gay sex in India. But Indians, at large, are known to not warm to the idea of homosexuality; it is thus common to find gay people in the country who hide their sexual orientation and do not make it public.


Art Deco

Rockefeller Plaza (7231531976)

What is Art Deco?

Art Deco – the abbreviated form of Arts Décoratifs, is a type of architectural style (or art) which incorporates glaring colors, geometric design and exoticism. Art Deco borrowed its name from an international fair in Paris in the mid-1920s. Some notable Art Deco buildings include 30 Rockefeller Plaza and 570 Lexington Avenue in New York and the Chicago Board of Trade in Chicago. In my outlook, what makes Art Deco remarkable is its unique blend of contemporary design with artistic style: it is a kind of architectural design which really moves away from making a building look like an overtly simple (and ugly) type of architecture; I think in doing so it instead presents architecture which you can really admire because there is something so artistic about it.

A Weekend Trip To Istanbul

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What you must see on a weekend trip to Istanbul

Istanbul, the former capital of Turkey, is a city that every traveler must visit at least once if they find Islamic culture and architecture fascinating. In my outlook, the best time of the year to visit Istanbul is in the summer or the winter because the two seasons are not typically when a traveler can expect to encounter rainfall. On a weekend trip to the European city, include the following two buildings as sites which you must explore before your trip ends because they are just too beautiful to miss:

  1. Hagia Sofia – a really ancient church built in the style that is associated with the Eastern Roman Empire.
  2. Ortaköy Mosque – a beautiful mosque designed during the Ottoman era in the Baroque Revival style of architecture

If all the touring gets too much then you can always pick up a roasted corn on the cob from the many wagons which they are sold from or a patso – a local sandwich that has hot dogs and potato fries as fillings, to take a break with.

Life Experiences vs. Reading

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Does a person learn more from life experiences or from reading?

In my outlook, a person cannot learn a lot from life experiences because there is a big limit to how many experiences a person can have for them to learn all that they need from; however, a lot can be learnt from reading. For example: let’s say a woman’s experiences regarding many of her friends getting divorced has taught her a little bit about how to handle episodes like that and suddenly her life requires her to make a sour dish, like pickles but she is somebody who has never had any experience in that? For moments like that, an appetite for reading and for gaining knowledge is what is necessary – it will easily get a person out of any sticky situation. And the greater that a person’s appetite is for reading, the more that they will learn and know – not just about tackling life and society in general, but also about many interesting topics in the world, such as science and history.

Home Alone

Home Alone = when escaping from badness comes at a price

In my outlook, one of the many reasons why the film Home Alone is great is that it kind of makes you have faith in the idea that finding peace from your extremely large family can be possible when a few people in it have misbehaved with you because that is what happens to Kevin McCallister (the protagonist in the film) after he suffers from taunts from members of his family; Kevin finds peace by ending up all alone for a while during the holidays. However, that idea which you kind of have faith in is not perfect if peace can be obtained by experiencing living alone just like Kevin because then it could still come at a price: pretty soon, that experience will in all likelihood, in a similar fashion to the sorrow Kevin eventually feels over having to live alone, make you wish you were no longer living totally alone; still, perfect idea or not, obtaining a little freedom from any type of nastiness in some way is a good thing.

Top 3 Bad Intimate Relationships Of Carrie Bradshaw

Which is the worst man that Carrie Bradshaw has ever been with?

Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist in Sex and the City, is known to have been intimate with a lot of men, and more often than not, her experiences are great examples of what counts as very bad ones. But among all which was the ultimate worst? In my outlook, the worst type of intimate experience is always one which is more than just a tale of heartbreak; it is one which belittles a woman or was wracked with what are clearly, unsolvable issues, because of the man, not the woman. My ranking of the top three bad men that Carrie has been with:

    1. Giles: Giles thought that Carrie was a high-class prostitute and the two even met each other through one.
    2. Bill Kelley: Bill is the type of politician who does things that make no sense at all: for example, he actually broke up with Carrie because he felt that he could not risk being with a woman who writes about sex. It’s the 21st Century, so in my outlook, there is really no need for a politician to be too proper and absent from around the subject of sex and that is why I think what Kelley did made no sense whatsoever.
    3. Kurt Harrington: Kurt is the type of man who gets nothing apart from sex, who Carrie ends up sleeping with.

The Bad Politician

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What is a bad politician?

When a very bad political figure takes control of one of the most powerful countries in the world it is a catastrophic global situation. This is because bad political leaders are never out to improve the state of the world. Mahathir Mohammad, the current Prime Minister of Malaysia once stated,

“…today the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.”

Apart from Mahathir’s comment being anti-Semitic in nature, it is also a very flawed way of thinking. In my outlook, when bad political figures (they can be followers of any faith) take control of some of the most powerful countries in the world, weak nations stand at risk of getting affected because when they come to power it is not uncommon to find that through their actions globally, they are actively pursuing substitution of good leadership with bad leadership in those nations.

Bad political leaders misuse power and they never act in the interest of the dominant countries which they rule. It is almost as if these political figures are purveyors of alien cultures because it can never be the culture of a great state – to suppress a weaker state. It is quite a big tragedy and such leaders should be disposed of in the earliest – the better for the world and also the powerful countries which they rule.