A Wish in Paris

Blau and her entourage are inside of a trench. There is a war going on in Paris, for which some specially selected German soldiers have been recruited. The year is 1941 and Blau is wearing an emerald serpent locket that enables her to time-travel, whenever she needs it. Her team are all wearing some form of jewellery or the other, that helps them to hook onto Blau’s magical powers, granted because of her heritage serpent locket.
Blau: There have been some news reports that Adolf is relentless in his campaign!
Soldier: What does that mean for us? Is Paris going to fall?
Blau: No! But it looks like we might be here for a while, in this trench, having warm soup and nothing else!
Soldier:…I can see movement infront of me near the Paris gates. It looks like a woman!
Blau: She doesn’t look French! Is she a Russian on the warpath or something?
Soldier: Her scarf on her head and dull overcoat would suggest she’s poor and probably lost. Did she know that it’s freezing here too? I can see no more than white stockings on her feet!
Blau: I think she is just confused about Paris !
Soldier: We need to dive down so that she does not notice us!
An eerie music soon starts to play…
Soldier: What is that?
Blau: Shhhhhh!
The Young Woman: Hello George!
George: What are you doing here? I asked you to go hide yourself, Natalie!
Natalie: I will not do any such thing! Did you bring me the money to pay for my divorce proceedings?
George: I did! Here you go!…I am worried about you!
Natalie: Why? Because you finally decided to care about your mistress, now that your rising in the ranks? Thought to maybe send some kindness my way since our child is still without a father as you celebrate your success all the time?
George: I read in the papers you want to go to the press about our son! Why will you do that when I have been sending money?
Natalie: We do not need your money George!
At that moment, a gun shot is heard throughout the Arc de Triomphe and George falls to the ground; Natalie tucks in her gun in her overcoat.
Natalie: No one will ever know our little secret! How you took a job that belonged to my husband as I watched him suffer all his life before death discovered him! He deserved that government post George! Do you know how humiliated I was? How humiliating it was to see someone as unworthy as you do things I could never do? You had everything I never had – happiness at every chance and then you took away the one chance I had to better my life, my beloved husband and made him unable to even look after us!
Natalie then walks away as Blau and her team sit inside the trenches, shocked!