Top 5 Male Music Artists (2019)

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Who is the best male music artist of the year?

This year, many good music albums were released by music artists, for example: the album Snacks (Supersize) which was released by Jax Jones and the album Can’t Say I Ain’t Country which was released by Florida Georgia Line, but, in my outlook, only a handful of music albums were typically outstanding; they managed to outshine the rest because of their musical contents. The music artists were chosen based on the albums they released this year; the releases were in a variety of musical genres, such as pop and rock. My picks of the top male music artists of the year:

  1. Backstreet Boys
  2. Bryan Adams
  3. Jonas Brothers
  4. The Chemical Brothers
  5. Marshmello

Top 5 Female Music Artists (2019)

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Who is the best female music artist of the year?

This year, many good music albums were released by music artists, for example: the album Charli which was released by Charlie XCX and the album Head Above Water which was released by Avril Lavigne, but, in my outlook, only a handful of music albums typically excelled because the songs were generally very melodic. The music artists were chosen based on the albums they released this year; the releases were in a variety of musical genres, such as pop and pop rock. My picks of the top female music artists of the year:

  1. Maren Morris
  2. Sheryl Crow
  3. Mabel
  4. Pink
  5. Taylor Swift

The Third Democratic Presidential Debate

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Recently, the third round of the Democratic presidential debates was held at the Texas Southern University at Houston, Texas. On the night, the following politicians answered questions: Cory Booker, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Julian Castro, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Andrew Yang, Beto O’Rourke and Bernie Sanders. During the night, the Democratic candidates were asked questions on a range of crucial subjects including healthcare and immigration and the answers revealed their standpoints regarding those subjects.

In my outlook, Elizabeth was the best performing candidate out of the ten because she said the Congress is indebted to the gun industry and unless this is addressed directly plus the filibuster (a process where one or multiple members of congress debate over a legislation) is negated then nothing is going to happen on guns. She also said she wants to extend legal immigration and make a path to citizenship for people who come to the United States work in fields plus those who have overstayed their student visas.

Furthermore, Warren said a system which cannot distinguish the threat presented by a twelve-year-old girl, a criminal plus a terrorist is a system which is not making Americans safer. She also said terrorism should be treated as a global problem. However, many of the other remaining candidates had made important points too which are written below:

Joe had refused to delay spending a lot of money on curing diseases such as cancer. He said cures can be found in those diseases if there is investment. He also said Afghanistan cannot be put together and Pakistan owns three of the nation’s Eastern provinces and the Haqqanis run it.

Beto said as the President of the United States he wants people to bet bigger than the resentment and the meanness of the time plus the impulses to strike at one another. He also said racism exists in the country’s education structure plus in Texas (the state he had represented for six years at the House of Representatives – a house in the US Congress) where a five-year-old kindergarten child is more likely to be punished or thrown out because of their skin color.

Castro said white supremacy is a ballooning threat to the United States and it must be pulled out. He also said he would start negotiating with China after becoming the President to reduce the trade war. He further said Americans need to go back to a leader for things like human rights and provided an example – the imprisonment plus ill-treatment of many, many Uighurs in China.

Amy said soybeans are piling up in bins across the Midwest and in Minnesota (the state she was born in) plus Iowa. Pete said people ask politicians to battle for them and send them to Washington but when these politicians get to the state they appear more concerned over battling than over people; he also said good politics is expected to be about the daily lives of Americans and not about the daily battles of politicians.

Meanwhile, Kamala said Trump has utilized fear, browbeating plus thousands and thousands of lies as a means to divert from the promises he has broken; Harris also said the country is shifting towards an oligarchic type of society. Bernie said every study showcases Medicare for All is the most cost-effective technique to supplying healthcare to every American inside the nation; he also said the bill plans on removing all out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles plus co-payments and no one in the nation will spend more than $200 per year on prescription drugs.

The Strange Death of Europe

The Strange Death of Europe is written by Douglas Murray (an English journalist). In the book, Douglas writes about subjects such as Muslims, multiculturalism and immigration. In the book, Murray shows that Muslim people are threatening figures but this idea of Muslims, in my outlook, reeks of illiteracy. The idea does not correctly represent followers of Islam around the world; Muslims would be threatening if they only participated in activities, such as supporting of terrorism and committing crimes, but Muslims, in general, do not do only those two things.

Furthermore, Douglas writes that Muslim immigrants would have drunk beer if they genuinely had wanted to think of themselves as British but if they would have done that then they would not be contributing to making Britain a multicultural country, as they do now. Murray also portrays purveyors of racist behavior in Europe – a few political parties, in a good light which is a very disagreeable thing to do. This is because any political party which swears by abusive behavior towards races which they feel are lowly is not a party that should be labelled a good party, irrespective of whether or not that party functions inside a multicultural society.

Douglas also feels that the presence of large numbers of Muslims in British society is a problem which is doubtable. I think a large presence of conservatism or primitiveness which followers of any faith could practice in British society – a modern and advanced society, is what could instead be more of a correct example of a problem.

Austerity Britain 1945-51

Austerity Britain excellently sums up the idea of Britain from 1945 to 1951 with the support of actions or sentiments of British people of that time. The book also provides a good account of how disenchanted the British public were with the Labour Party (a British political party) when it had formed a government for the first time under Clement Attlee (an English politician) following the end of the Second World War in 1945.

At the time, the British public were not attracted by socialism or nationalization of steel and it makes sense that they were like that back then because ideas such as those should generally seem quite disconnected from people’s daily lives. People in their daily lives busy themselves with things such as food plus household chores and this reality, more or less, stays fixed for people, no matter if it they are from the present time or the past.

Additionally, normally people are not supposed to have a great degree of understanding of something as complex as British politics; back then, a majority of British people could not even utter the name of a British colony. It’s also important to mention that the book includes some photographs because they do a good job in capturing British cities and people from that time period.


Expectation teaches you about flawed female lives. The protagonists in the book are three women: Hannah, Lissa and Cate (who had gone to university during the nineties) and, as a reader, you can learn about their lives up until the period when they are in their forties. During their younger years, the three women were best friends: they used to reside in East London – on the border of a common, and their lives were illuminated with romance, merrymaking and activism.

However, after ten years their lives look drastically different; their lives have also not turned out as they had expected it to turn out. Hannah is married and she is eager to have a child of her own but she unsuccessful in doing so; Hannah’s marriage comes under strain too for repeatedly going through numerous cycles of IVF – a fertilization course, to have a child. Cate, meanwhile, lives in a house bought by her in-laws in Canterbury. She is also afflicted by a type of depression and finds comfort in thinking back about a former attachment.

Furthermore, Lisa is an actress with an underperforming professional life. She is also a woman who aches for a man who is out of her reach. What I found interesting about the book was the contrast between the women’s lives during their younger years and their relatively older years which can make you marvel at how much life can change with time; the contrast can also make you realize that change does not always have to signify something good.

A Spot of Folly

A Spot of Folly is a collection of mystery stories by British author Ruth Rendell; the book was published after Ruth’s death. Some of the stories in the book were assembled together from publications, such as Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. The titles of a few of the stories in the book are: Never Sleep in a Bed Facing a Mirror, Trebchet and The Haunting of Shawley Rectory.

The main characters of the stories can sometimes be flawed and yet, interesting, but it is difficult to generalize about all the main characters (in the book) because the characters, much like the stories they are part of, are quite dissimilar to each other. A variety of themes are explored in the book: sometimes the stories can be scary and have no foundation in reality and at other times, the stories can be very real. Furthermore, the stories can also make you wonder about people and their natures because of the things that people do which can even shock you.